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Best Paper award, in honour of Prof. R.A. Howie


An award will be made annually to “the lead author of the ‘best paper’ published (in English) in a mineralogical journal (sensu lato) within three years of award of his/her PhD”. The nomination process is outlined below.

The award will take the form of a bursary (£1000) to attend an international conference (to be agreed with the Society) to present a paper which will be entitled the ‘R.A. Howie Memorial Lecture’. The money will be paid on receipt of an official confirmation of registration for the conference.

The ‘R.A. Howie Memorial Lecture’ Award is named in honour of Prof. R.A. Howie (1923–2012) who was a distinguished professor of mineralogy at Kings College London and Royal Holloway University, London.


Nominations can be made by any scientist (including a co-author) but not the nominee him/herself and must be supported by a fellow scientist familiar with the nominee’s work.

Nominations will be received, by the Executive Director, by a closing date of 21st April each year. The Awards Committee will consider the nominations and rank them. This ranking will then be passed to the Society’s Council (before mid-September) for a formal decision at the October meeting of that Committee. Council will make a decision and inform the winner.

Nominations should consist of a letter of nomination together with at least one letter of support along with a copy of the paper being nominated and a copy of the nominee’s CV. The letter(s) should address the criteria outlined below and how any or all of them are met by the paper in question. Each nomination package should be submitted in electronic form (a single pdf file) and sent to the Society’s Executive Director, Kevin Murphy (kevin@minersoc.org).

Award criteria

The Awards Committee will take into consideration the following points:
1. Novelty
2. Inter-disciplinarity
3. Applicability
4. How the science is advanced by the new work

The nominated paper must have been published in the calendar year before the nomination and within three years of award of the candidate’s PhD and will remain on the slate for up to two years.

Normal timeline

21st April: Extended to 1st July 2017: Nominations to be received by the Executive Director. Nominations are not considered as submitted until an official acknowledgement is received by the nominators.

1st May: Package of nominations sent to the Society's Awards Committee

1 September: Ranked list of nominees sent to the Executive Director.

October Council meeting: Council decides on the winner of the award.

By end-October, the President contacts the winner, informing them of the Award. A letter offering them the £1000 prize is sent, along with an invitation to present their work (or new work) at a forthcoming conference (including Society events) with the title the ‘R.A. Howie memorial lecture’. The winner is asked to suggest the conference at which the work will be presented, for approval by the President.

April of following year: The venue at which the presentation is to be made is announced at Council.

April: Promotional Society material is given to the winner to include in their presentation (logo + small amount of text).