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NAC Field trip 12
Calcite from Strontian
Images by David Green

Bursary Reports

It has long been a tradition in the Society to publish a brief report, on visits to conferences or fieldwork projects, by those supported by the Society's Bursary Scheme.

Reports from 2012; 2011; 2010; 2009: 2008: 2007 


O. Shorttle (Cambridge University)
Fieldwork in Iceland 

J. Huggett (Petroclays)
CMS 50th Annual Meeting, Champaign, IL
Awarded by the Clay Minerals Group.


D. Neave (Cambridge University)
IAVCEI Conference, Kagoshima

 L. Jepson (University of Manchster)
Goldschmidt Conference

E. Hart (Portsmouth University)
Goldschmidt, Florence

R. Gertisser (Keele University)
IAVCEI Conference, Kagoshima

S. Hughes (Open University)
IAVCEI Conference, Kagoshima

J. Garforth (Nottingham University)
12th International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements

L. Cramer (Open University)
Basalt 2013: Cenozoic Magmatism in Central Europe

R. Palin (Oxford University)
‘High-grade metamorphism and the generation and differentiation of Earth's crust’ short course, University of Mainz
Awarded by the Metamorphic Studies Group

J.C. Schumacher (University of Bristol)
GSA meeting, Northeast Section

Vinod Kumar Vishwapathi (University of Central Lancashire)

Nia Blackwell (Aberystwyth University)
Iron Biogeochemistry – from Molecular Processes to Global Cycles


Richard Bevins (Museum of Wales)
GAC-MAC 2012 

Diana Brookshaw (University of Manchester)
Goldschmidt 2012

Jo-Anne Wartho (University of Arizona)
75th Meteoritical Society Conference, Cairns, Australia

Robert Macdonald (Bangor University), awarded by the Clay Minerals Group
BSRG Annual Meeting, Dublin

Sven Koenitzer (University of Leicester), awarded by the Clay Minerals Group
BSRG Annual Meeting, Dublin

Cees-Jan De Hoog (University of Edinburgh)
Collaborative visit to the University of Ottawa and travel to the EMC-2012 meeting in Frankfurt

Janet Sherwin (University of Leicester), awarded by the Clay Minerals Group
BSRG Annual Meeting, Dublin

O. Weller (Oxford University), awarded by the Metamorphic Studies Group
EMC-2012 meeting, Frankfurt

R. Palin (Oxford University), awarded by the Metamorphic Studies Group
EMC-2012 meeting, Frankfurt

Feargus Abernethy (Open University)
Meteoritical Society meeting, Cairns, Australia

Phil Leat (British Antarctic Survey)
Comparison of silicic volcanoes in the Izu-Bonin and South Sandwich arcs

Nick Pearce (Aberystwyth University)
Fieldwork in Washington State, USA

Tim Marshall (Leeds University)
Goldschmidt Conference, Montreal

Richard Taylor (University of St. Andrews and Diamond Light Source, UK), awarded by the Mineral Physics Group
Goldschmidt Conference, Montreal

Rochelle Taylor (University of Manchester, UK)
'Rock deformation from field studies, experiments and theory': a meeting in honour of the work of Prof. E.H. Rutter

O. Weller (Oxford University, UK)
SHRIMP dating, Geological Survey of Canada

J. Barnes (Open University, UK)
Lunar and Planetary Science Conference Houston, Texas

A. Forbes (Open University, UK)
EGU, Vienna

K.H. McDermott (Open University, UK)
Lunar and Planetary Science Conference Houston, Texas 


E.S. Jennings, awarded by the Metamorphic Studies Group
Goldschmidt Meeting, Prague, August 2011

Lizzie Derbyshire (Keele University), awarded by the Metamorphic Studies Group
Mineral Deposits Studies Group Annual Meeting, January 2012

Alexandra Quas-Cohen (University of Manchester), awarded by the Metamorphic Studies Group
International Eclogite Conference, Prague

Mike Brown (University of Maryland)
International Eclogite Conference, Prague

Lizzie Derbyshire (Keele University)
Fieldwork in the Lizard Complex, Cornwall, UK

Liam Bullock (Keele University)
Fieldwork in the Aeolian Arc, Italy

Rachael Ellen (University of Glasgow)
EGU, Vienna

Katy Preece (University of East Anglia)
IUGG meeting, Brisbane

Lucy Greenwood (Open University)
26th Himalaya-Karakoram-Tibet Workshop

John Wheeler (Liverpool University)
Goldschmidt 2011


Wafa Al Lawati (University of Manchester)
The Third International Congress on Arsenic in the Environment Taiwan, May 2010

Andreas Enggist (University of Alberta)
Goldschmidt Conference, Knoxville, Tennessee

Melanie Sapsford (Durham University)
Goldschmidt Conference, Knoxville, Tennessee

Clare Torney (University of Glasgow)
International Palaeontological Congress

Tom Sizmur (University of Reading)
20th Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Europe Annual Meeting

James Byrne (University of Manchester)
Advanced Light Source, Berkeley, USA, 23rd June - 3rd July

N. Jordan (University of Leicester)
Evolution of a strongly peralkaline caldera volcano: chemical and eruptive history of Pantelleria, South of Sicily

R.W. Tarff (Birkbeck University of London)
Field season on Cova de Paúl Volcano, Santa Antao, The Cape Verde Islands

Alan Woolley
International Mineralogical Association (Budapest)

Ralf Gertisser (Keele University)
6th Cities on Volcanoes Conference, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Maggie Cusack (University of Glasgow)
IMA, 2010

Kathryn Goodenough
Colloquium on African Geology


Brian O'Driscoll (Keele University)
Fieldwork in the Shetland Isles, UK

Hugh Rollinson, (University of Derby)
International discussion meeting on Continental Geology and Tectonics, Xi'an China, September 2009

Pieter Bots (University of Leeds)
Goldschmidt 2009

James Darling (University of Bristol)
2009 Joint Assembly - The Meeting of The Americas, Toronto, 2009

Susan Lawther (University of Glasgow)
EGU meeting, Vienna, 2009

Catherine Breheny (NUI, Galway)
Research visit to Camborne School of Mines, 2009

Laura Duthie (University of Glasgow)
EGU meeting, Vienna, 2009


Paul Dalbeck (University of Glasgow)
Gordon Research Conference on Biomineralization 2008

Hilary Downes (Birkbeck College, London)
Field work in Cape Verdes

Sally Gibson (University of Cambridge)
Fieldwork in the Galapagos Islands

Andrew Kerr (University of Cardiff)
Fall AGU, December 2008

John Schumacher (University of Bristol)
Geology of the Aegean 2008

Matthew De Paoli (University of Sydney)
IGC fieldtrip 2008

Eleanor Donoghue (Trinity College Dublin)

Ben Ellis

Liliana Ferreira Goncalves (University of Cambridge)
Fall 2007 AGU

Judith Kelly (Birkbeck College, London)
Field work in Cape Verdes

Matthew Minifie
Goldschmidt 2008

Aldo Ramos Rosique (University of Kingston)
Research at the ANU LA-ICP-MS facility

Katharine Saunders (University of Wellington)
Goldschmidt 2008

Rebecca Williams (University of Leicester)


Alberto Pérez-Huerta (University of Glasgow)
Poster presented at Frontiers in Mineral Sciences 2007

Ping Luo (University of Nottingham)
Talk presented at the 3rd International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology 2007

Rob Hough (CSIRO Exploration and Mining)
Present talks and posters at the Frontiers in Mineral Sciences 2007 and at the IAGS meeting in Oviedo, Spain

Victoria Vry (Imperial College, London)
Talk presented at SGA 2007, held in Dublin: 'Microanalysis of ore forming fluids at El Teniente, Chile'

Ralf Gertisser (Keele University)
Report from fieldwork at Merapi Volcano, Indonesia

Hong Phuc Vu (Leeds University)
Report from Frontiers in Mineral Sciences 2007 meeting, Cambridge

Professor Stephen Self (Open University)
Report on attendance at a workshop in Arizona on Explosive Volcanism

Sally Morgan (Leeds University)
Report from the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2007 - Vienna, Austria.

Charlotte Vye (Open University)
Report on a field season to the Columbia River Basalt Province, USA.

Mark Pearce (University of Liverpool)
Report from the Gordon Research Conference: Rock Deformation 3-8 September 2006

Michael Mawby (University of Durham)
Report on field season to the Gobobseb Mountains of Namibia