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Goldschmidt 2012 – Montreal

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19a. Kinetics of microbial and geochemical processes

  1. Hg methylation and demethylation kinetics in aquatic environments: Role of biotic and abiotic pathways on Hg isotopic fractionation
    David Amouroux, Vincent Perrot, Maria Jimenez-Moreno, Romain Bridou, Remy Guyoneaud, Mathilde Monperrus

  2. Kinetic modeling of microbial Fe(II) oxidation, Fe(III) hydrolysis, and As(III) oxidation in acid waters
    Kate Campbell, Michael Hay, Kirk Nordstrom

  3. Discrimation between biotic and abiotic rates of stabilization of Se(VI) in soil
    Frederic Coppin, Nicolas Loffredo, Stephane Mounier, Yves Thiry, Laurent Garcia-Sanchez

  4. Vapour phase oxidation of trichloroethylene, ethanol and toluene by solid potassium permanganate: Kinetic study
    Mojtaba Ghareh Mahmoodlu, Niels Hartog, S.Majid Hassanizadeh

  5. Towards a unifying theory of geomicrobial kinetics
    Qusheng Jin

  6. In Situ Determination of Sulfide Oxidation Rates in the Green Sulfur Bacterium Chlorobaculum Tepidum
    Daniel MacDonald, George Luther, Thomas Hanson, Alyssa Findlay, Kevin Shuman, Daniel Hess

  7. Biogeochemical weathering of serpentinite in field and laboratory studies
    Kimberly Negrich, Julie Baumeister, Eileen Yardley, Jean MacRae, Elizabeth Hausrath, Amanda Olsen

  8. Reduction of jarosite by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 and its geochemical implication
    Bingjie Ouyang, Xiancai Lu, Huan Liu, Jianjun Lu, Juan Li, Rucheng Wang

  9. Kinetics of Pyrrhotite Oxidation in Seawater: Implications for Mining Seafloor Hotsprings
    Gina Romano, Michael McKibben

  10. Competition Between Direct Electron Transfer and Electron Shuttling Pathways During Microbial Fe(III) Respiration
    Martial Taillefert, Justin Burns, Seng K. Wee, Thomas J. Dichristina

  11. Imposed redox frequency and amplitude flux in the study of iron biogeochemical dynamics
    Jared Wilmoth, Christof Meile, Brian Ginn, Tim Pasakarnis, Steven Hall, Michelle Scherer, Aaron Thompson

  12. Transformation of marine wood-falls into anoxic-sulfidic environments: voltammetric time series and kinetic modeling
    Mustafa Yucel, Leonardo Contreira, Pierre Galand, Sonja Fagervold, Nadine Le Bris

  13. Hydrocarbon generation kinetics of oil cracking in different reaction system
    Hongju Zheng, Zecheng Wang, Tongshan Wang