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Goldschmidt 2012 – Montreal

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19b. Linking experimental and field observations of mineral carbonatation for in-situ long-term carbon storage

  1. Zinc sorption on carbonate reservoir system, implications on CO2 geological storage.
    Baptiste Auffray, Bruno Garcia, Charles-Philippe Lienemann, Adrian Cerepi

  2. Laboratory CO2 flow experiments to model hydrochemical and mineralogical changes in the Arbuckle aquifer during CO2 storage
    Robinson Barker, Lynn Watney, Saibal Bhattacharya, Brian Strazisar, Logan Kelly, Sophia Ford, Saugata Datta

  3. The carbon dioxide mineral sequestration analogues: examples from Tuscany (Italy)
    Chiara Boschi, Luigi Dallai, Andrea Dini, Ilaria Baneschi, Antonio Langone, Andrea Cavallo, Giovanni Ruggieri

  4. The CO2-Vadose project: Numerical simulations coupled with geochemical and geophysical monitoring of CO2 in the vadose zone
    Gregory Cohen, Bruno Garcia, Corinne Loisy, Philippe Delaplace, Francois Larroque, Cedric Laveuf, Caroline Magnier, Virgile Rouchon, Olivier Le Roux, Michel Franceschi, Adrian Cerepi

  5. Ex situ carbonate mineralization: a novel way to sequester CO2 at the expense of saline wastewater
    Caterina De Vito, Silvano Mignardi, Vincenzo Ferrini, Robert F. Martin

  6. The effect of aqueous organic ligands on forsterite dissolution rates
    Julien Declercq, Olivier Bosc, Eric Oelkers

  7. Large magnesite vein and fracture formation in peridotite rocks
    Pablo Garcia del Real, Kate Maher, Dennis Bird, Gordon Brown, Jr.

  8. Reactive transport modeling of CO2 sequestration in mine tailings
    Anna L. Harrison, Ian M. Power, Siobhan A. Wilson, Gregory M. Dipple, K. Ulrich Mayer, Sergio A. Bea

  9. Formation of the Si-rich layer on olivine surfaces during carbonation under in-situ conditions
    Natalie Johnson, Burt Thomas, Katherine Maher, Dennis Bird, Robert Rosenbauer, Gordon Brown

  10. Effect of Oxalic Acid on Geological Storage of CO2 Using Serpentinite
    Seung-Hee Kang, Natalie Johnson, Burt Thomas, Kate Maher, Dennis Bird, Robert Rosenbauer, Gordon Brown

  11. Geochemical, mineralogical and geomechanical effects of impure CO2 on reservoir sandstones during the injection and geological storage: an experimental approach
    Herwig Marbler, Michael Schmidt, Kirsten Erickson, Christof Lempp, Herbert Polmann

  12. Geologic Storage Mavericks: Insights and Promise from Laboratory and Field Pilot Studies in Flood Basalts
    B. Peter McGrail

  13. Carbon Dioxide Groundwater Mixing and Mineralization Reactions with Reservoir Rocks at a Natural Analogue Site, Soda Springs, Idaho, USA
    Travis McLing, Robert Smith, William Smith

  14. Potential dissolution of sandstone in the presence of supercritical CO2-H2S-H2O: An experimental and geochemical modelling approach
    Chijioke Nwankwor, Mercedes Maroto-Valer, David Large, Keith Bateman, Chris Rochelle

  15. Hydromagnesite-magnesite playas: A model for carbon storage
    Ian Power, Siobhan Wilson, Greg Dipple, Anna Harrison

  16. Precipitation of MgCO3 at elevated temperature and CO2 pressure
    Valentina Prigiobbe

  17. Experimental study of the kinetics of CO2-sequestration by olivines and Hawaiian picrites
    Lin Qiu, Zhengrong Wang, Shun-Ichiro Karato, Jay Ague, Michael Oristaglio, Edward Bolton, David Bercovici

  18. Estimation of the mineral reactive surface area during CO2 mineralization in natural hydrothermal fields
    Jean Rillard, Pierpaolo Zuddas

  19. Kinetic modeling of olivine carbonation reaction: study of the reaction rate dependence on temperature and pCO2 in open and closed systems
    Giuseppe Saldi, Damien Daval, Kevin G. Knauss

  20. Feedback effects of clay minerals formation on the kinetics and mechanisms of olivine carbonation within tholeiitic basalt
    Olivier Sissmann, Damien Daval, Isabelle Martinez, Fabrice Brunet, Anne Verlaguet, Yves Pinquier, Francois Guyot

  21. Calcite nucleation and growth on basaltic glass and silicate minerals
    Gabrielle Jarvik Stockmann, Eric H. Oelkers, Domenik Wolff-Boenisch, Nicolas Bovet, Sigurdur R. Gislason

  22. Chlorite Dissolution Rates in scCO2- Saturated Saline Water at 100°C and 100 bar
    Shuo Zhang, Li Yang, Donald Depaolo, Carl Steefel

  23. Thermodynamic and Kinetic Effect of Organic Solvent on the Nucleation of Nesquehonite
    Liang Zhao, Chen Zhu, Junfeng Ji, Jun Chen, H. Henry Teng