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Goldschmidt 2012 – Montreal

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19c. Kinetics of interfacial geochemical processes

  1. Oxygen consumption by granite samples under sterile glacial melt water conditions
    Eva Bjorkman, Daqing Cui, Ignasi Puigdomenech

  2. Time-resolved SAXS study of nucleation and growth of iron(III) oxyhydroxides
    Mark Bligh, Andrew Rose, Richard Collins, David Waite

  3. Electrochemical study of pyrite oxidation in oxygen-bearing solutions
    Paul Chirita, Cristina Constantin, Michel Schlegel

  4. Kinetics of CO2(g)-H2O(l) isotopic exchange, including 13C18O16O
    Matthieu Clog, John Eiler

  5. How to measure the pure dissolution kinetics of a soft mineral?
    Jean Colombani, Agnes Piednoir, Edgar Alejandro Pachon-Rodriguez

  6. Does diopside dissolve like glass? Insights from measurements of nano- to macroscale dissolution rates
    Damien Daval, Giuseppe D. Saldi, Roland Hellmann, Kevin G. Knauss

  7. Sulphate inhibition of magnesite dissolution: An in-situ AFM study
    Helen E. King, Christine V. Putnis

  8. Radiotracer studies on the kinetics and equilibrium characteristics of adsorption of humic matter
    Holger Lippold, Johanna Lippmann-Pipke

  9. New insights on crystal growth and dissolution by investigating micro-scale entities.
    Massimo Peruffo, Michael Mbogoro, Patrick Unwin

  10. Adding uptake kinetics and surface entrapment to geochemical models
    Bruno Thien, Dmitrii A. Kulik, Enzo Curti

  11. Kinetics of calcium phosphate nucleation and growth on calcite
    Lijun Wang, Encarnacion Ruiz-Agudo, Christine Putnis, Martina Menneken, Andrew Putnis

  12. Calcite growth kinetics and solution stoichiometry
    Mariette Wolthers, Gernot Nehrke, Philippe Van Cappellen

  13. Kinetics of phosphate adsorption on goethite in seawater
    Jia-Zhong Zhang, Charles Fischer

  14. On diffusion in heterogeneous media
    Youxue Zhang, Liping Liu

  15. The initial stage of mica weathering: Coupling in situ AFM observation to solution chemistry
    Pierpaolo Zuddas