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Goldschmidt 2012 – Montreal

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22a. Tracing groundwater variability

Florent Barbecot (Université de Paris-Sud)
Rolf Kipfer (EAWAG)
Roland Purtschert (University of Bern)

22b. Chemistry and isotopes as biogeochemical tracers of water cycle in the critical zone

Lixin Jin (University of Texas at El Paso)
Katya Bazilevskaya (Penn State University)

22c. Applications of emerging geochemical and isotopic analytical techniques for integrated water resource management and environmental monitoring

Jean Birks (Alberta Innovates/University of Waterloo)
Yi Yi (Alberta Innovates/University of Victoria)
Mike Moncur (Alberta Innovates/University of Waterloo)
John Gibson (Alberta Innovates/University of Victoria)

22d. Geochemical and microbiological site characterization methods in low permeability and low porosity formations

(co-hosted by Themes 22, 9 and 16)
Niklaus Waber (University of Bern, Switzerland)
Jennifer McKelvie (Nuclear Waste Management Organization, Canada)
Sarah Hirschorn (Nuclear Waste Management Organization Canada)

22e. Assessing groundwater transport processes using natural geochemical tracers

Laura Kennell (Nuclear Waste Management Organization, Canada)
Monique Hobbs (Nuclear Waste Management Organization, Canada)
Sébastien Savoye (CEA-France)

22f. Tracing fluid circulation and reconstruction of environmental conditions with noble gases: from basinal brines, freshwater to emerging aquatic systems

Daniele L. Pinti (GEOTOP-UQAM)
Rolf Kipfer (EAWAG)