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Goldschmidt 2012 – Montreal

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2a. What caused the rise of atmospheric O2?

  1. Links between tectonics and life 4.0 to 2.3 Ga and the rise of oxygen
    Mark Barley

  2. Great Oxidation Event: How quickly did it come and go?
    Andrey Bekker, Noah Planavsky, Clint Scott, Camille Partin, Birger Rasmussen

  3. Volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits host the evidence for sulfate-rich Archean oceans
    Jamie Brainard, Andrew Chorney, Hiroshi Ohmoto

  4. What caused the 2.4 Ga rise of oxygen?
    David Catling, Kevin Zahnle, Mark Claire

  5. The Bi-stability of Organic Haze in the Archean Atmosphere
    Mark Claire, Aubrey Zerkle, Shawn Domagal-Goldman, James Farquhar, Simon Poulton

  6. Experimental study of S-MIF by SO2 photolysis under CO atmosphere
    Yoshiaki Endo, Sebastian Danielache, Yuichiro Ueno

  7. Steep Rock carbonate platform: an early marine oxygen oasis
    Philip Fralick, Robert Riding

  8. The igneous contribution to atmosphere chemistry
    Fabrice Gaillard, Bruno Scaillet

  9. Modeling a rise of atmospheric oxygen induced by Paleoproterozoic snowball Earth event
    Mariko Harada, Eiichi Tajika, Yasuhito Sekine

  10. High-resolution chemostratigraphy of the 2.46 Ga Joffre banded iron formation, Western Australia
    Rasmus Haugaard, Ernesto Pecoitss, Stefan Lalnde, Natalie Aubet, Martin von Kranendonk, Kurt Konhauser

  11. Effect of fluid flow rate on Fe3+/Fe2+ ratios of Paleoproterozoic paleosols and its implication for atmospheric oxygen levels
    Yoshiki Kanzaki, Takashi Murakami

  12. Don't neglect serpentinization
    James Kasting

  13. Archean 'whiffs of oxygen' go Poof!
    Joseph Kirschvink, Timothy Raub, Woodward FIscher

  14. Fe isotope and U-Th-Pb evidence for a reduced 3.4 Ga Archean ocean
    Weiqiang Li, Clark Johnson, Brian Beard, Martin van Kranendonk

  15. Evidence for the O2 and CO2 rich Archean atmosphere
    Hiroshi Ohmoto, Yumiko Watanabe, Kosei Yamaguchi, Hiroshi Hamasaki, Jamie Brainard, Andrew Chorney

  16. Pressure effects on sulfur mass-independent fractionation during SO2 photolysis and its implication to the Archean atmospheric chemistry
    Shuhei Ono, Andrew Whitehill

  17. Significance of sulfidic organic-rich Archean shales
    Noah Planavsky, Clinton Scott, Chris Reinhard, Boswell Wing, Timothy Lyons

  18. Geographic and lithologic test of the Mesoarchaean S-MIF minimum
    Kristyn Rodzinyak, Lea Braschi, Christie Rowe, Andrey Bekker, Phillips Thurston, Boswell Wing

  19. Planetary oxidation and the biogeochemistry of exoplanets
    Andrew Rushby, Andrew Watson, Mark Claire

  20. Geochemical trends across the Palaeoproterozoic Kuruman & Griquatown BIFs, Transvaal Supergroup, South Africa, and implications for the GOE
    Andrew Tsikos, Lindi Fryer, Helen Williams, Simon Poulton, Adrian Boyce

  21. Photodissociation origin of Archean S-MIF and dynamical sulfur cycling under highly reducing atmosphere
    Yuichiro Ueno, Sebastian Danielache, Yoshiaki Endo, Matthew Johnson, Naohiro Yoshida

  22. Periodic formation of organic haze in the Neoarchean atmosphere
    Aubrey Zerkle, Mark Claire, Shawn Domagal-Goldman, James Farquhar, Simon Poulton