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Goldschmidt 2012 – Montreal

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2b. The first billion years: assessing the geologic record

  1. Jack Hills zircons record a thermal event coincident with the hypothesized Late Heavy Bombardment
    Elizabeth Bell, T. Mark Harrison

  2. Expanding early Earth frontiers: A new Eoarchean-Hadean(?) terrane in Southwestern Greenland
    Vickie Bennett, Allen Nutman, Joe Hiess, Clark Friend

  3. Dating Early Archean partial melting events: whole-rock versus single grain Re-Os ages in 3.81 Ga chromitites from West Greenland
    Judith Coggon, Ambre Luguet, Peter Appel

  4. Zircon U-Pb geochronology of the Nuvvuagittuq Greenstone Belt
    James Darling, Desmond Moser, Larry Heaman, William Davis, Richard Stern, Jonathan O'Neil, Rick Carlson, Don Francis

  5. The end of the Hadean: The world turns over
    William Griffin, Vladimir Malkovets, Elena Belousova, Suzanne O'Reilly, Norman Pearson

  6. What minerals were present at life's origins?
    Robert Hazen

  7. Building Eoarchean crust: the arc tholeiite TTG connection
    J. Elis Hoffmann, Carsten Munker, Thorsten J. Nagel, Tomas Naeraa, Ali Polat, Minik T. Rosing

  8. Tungsten isotopic evolution of the earliest terrestrial mantle
    Munir Humayun, Alan Brandon, Kevin Righter

  9. Nb-Zr systematics of U-Pb dated achondrites
    Tsuyoshi Iizuka, Waheed Akram, Yuri Amelin, Maria Schoennbaechler

  10. Search for Early Archean mantle lacking the late-veneer component
    Akira Ishikawa, Masanori Shimojo, Katsuhiko Suzuki, Kenneth Collerson, Tsuyoshi Komiya

  11. Detrital zircon: a foggy window into early Earth evolution
    Tony Kemp, Jeff Vervoort, Martin Whitehouse

  12. Geology of the Nain Complex, Labrador, Canada: Occurrence of the Early Archean Supracrustals
    Tsuyoshi Komiya, Masanori Shimojo, Shinji Yamamoto, Yusuke Sawaki, Akira Ishikawa, Kazumasa Aoki, Collerson Kenneth

  13. Nitrogen composition of the ancient atmosphere from fluid inclusion analysis of Archean quartz
    Bernard Marty, Laurent Zimmermann, Magali Pujol, Ray Burgess, Pascal Phillipot

  14. U-Pb zircon ages of Early Archean gneisses from northern Labrador
    Masanori Shimojo, Shinji Yamamoto, Kenshi Maki, Takafumi Hirata, Yusuke Sawaki, Kazumasa Aoki, Akira Ishikawa, Yoshihiro Okada, Kenneth D. Collerson, Tsuyoshi Komiya

  15. Zircon as a Witness to Earth's First 500 Myr: an Experimentalist's View
    Bruce Watson, Daniele Cherniak, Dustin Trail, Nicholas Tailby

  16. Implications of unsupported radiogenic Pb in ancient zircon
    Martin Whitehouse, Monika Kusiak, Alexander Nemchin