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Goldschmidt 2012 – Montreal

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3c. Deep cycles of volatiles in terrestrial planets through time

  1. Assessing global N cycling in subduction zones from data on metamorphic rocks: Implications for the evolution of N in Earth's reservoirs
    Vincent BUSIGNY, Pierre CARTIGNY, Pascal PHILIPPOT

  2. Carbon solution and partitioning between metallic and silicate melts in a shallow magma ocean: implications for the origin and distribution of terrestrial carbon
    Rajdeep Dasgupta, Han Chi, Nobumichi Shimizu, Antonio Buono, David Walker

  3. Gas clathrate hydrate thermodynamics and kinetics: limits on near-surface volatile fluxes for cold terrestrial planetary systems through deep time.
    Megan Elwood Madden, Margaret Root, Seth Gainey, John Leeman

  4. Fluid-absent melting of Phase D and the role of hydrous melts in the deep mantle
    Sujoy Ghosh, Max W. Schmidt

  5. Redox Conditions and Metasomatic Activity beneath the Wesselton kimberlite, South Africa
    Brendan Hanger, Gregory Yaxley, Andrew Berry, Vadim Kamenetsky

  6. Stability of Reduced Carbon in the Mantle
    Patrick Hastings, Anthony Withers, Marc Hirschmann

  7. Magma ocean influence on early atmosphere composition and mass
    Marc Hirschmann, Hongluo Zhang

  8. Diffusion in the deep Earth: Is it all about grain boundaries?
    Matthew Hiscock, Geoffrey Bromiley

  9. Helium solubility in ring site bearing minerals and implications for noble gas recycling
    Colin Jackson, Simon Kelley, Stephen Parman, Reid Cooper

  10. Estimation of S, F, Br and Cl fluxes at mid ocean ridges
    Takanori Kagoshima, Yuji Sano, Naoto Takahata, Jinyoung Jung, Hiroshi Amakawa, Hidenori Kumagai

  11. Partitioning of F between nominally fluorine-free minerals and basaltic melts: Implications for the global cycle of halogens
    Stephan Klemme, Christopher Beyer, Christian Vollmer, Michael Wiedenbeck, Andreas Stracke

  12. The volatile element record of Earth's accretion
    Bernard Marty

  13. Electrical conductivity of serpentine fluids at subduction zone conditions
    Mainak Mookherjee, M.A. Geeth Manthilake, Nobuyoshi Miyajima

  14. Nature of fluids in the deep mantle (>300km) inferred from a carbon and nitrogen micro-analytical study of a single ultra-deep diamond from Kankan, Guinea
    Mederic Palot, D. Graham Pearson, Richard Stern, Thomas Stachel

  15. How large is the subducted water flux? New constraints on mantle regassing rates
    Rita Parai, Sujoy Mukhopadhyay

  16. Metasomatic control of water in garnet and pyroxene from Kaapvaal craton mantle xenoliths
    Anne H. Peslier, Alan B. Woodland, David R. Bell, Marina Lazarov, Thomas J. Lapen

  17. The stability of iron nickel carbides in the Earth's mantle
    Arno Rohrbach, Max W. Schmidt, Sujoy Ghosh, Clazina H. Wijbrans, Stephan Klemme

  18. The stability of carbon and carbonate within eclogites
    Vincenzo Stagno, Yingwei Fei, Catherine A. McCammon, Daniel J. Frost

  19. Halogens and noble gases subducted into the mantle: constraints from mantle wedge peridotites and olivines in arc lavas
    Hirochika Sumino, Lisa Abbott, Aya Shimizu, Ray Burgess, Chris Ballentine