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Goldschmidt 2012 – Montreal

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3e. Placing P-T-t constraints on planetary differentiation

  1. The Major Element Composition of Earth's Core
    James Badro, John Brodholt, Alexander Cote

  2. 3D visualisation of core-forming melts
    Madeleine Berg, Ian Butler, Simon Redfern, Geoffrey Bromiley

  3. No REE into the Earth's core
    Mohamed Ali Bouhifd, Maud Boyet, Denis Andrault, Nathalie Bolfan-Casanova, Jean-Luc Devidal

  4. The HP stability of Bloedite (Na2Mg(SO4)2 4H2O: a contribution to the knowledge of asteroids and icy satellites
    Paola Comodi, Sabrina Nazzareni, Tonci Balic-Zunic, Michael Hanfland, Azzurra Zucchini

  5. The composition of the lower mantle constrained by experiments on the elasticity of magnesium silicate perovskite
    Daniel Frost, Julien Chantel, Alexander Kurnosov, Dmytro Trots, Tiziana Boffa Ballaran, Yanbin Wang

  6. The role of sulfides on high field-strength element budget during enstatite chondrite melting
    Tahar Hammouda, Camille Cartier, Maud Boyet, Bertrand Moine, Jean-Luc Devidal

  7. The geochemical features of the garnets from peridotites of Udachnaya pipe (Yakutia)
    Lyudmila Pokhilenko, Vladimir Malkovets, Alexey Agashev, William Griffin

  8. High pressure constraints core formation from x-ray nanoscale tomography
    Yingxia Shi, Wendy Mao, Li Zhang, Wenge Yang, Yijin Liu, Junyue Wang

  9. Combining experimental and numerical studies of lunar differentiation
    Wim van Westrenen, Jellie de Vries, Mirjam van Kan Parker, Elodie Tronche, Nachiketa Rai, Arie van den Berg, Chrystele Sanloup, Michel Jacobs

  10. Rapid core segregation in planetesimals: Results from in-situ X-ray microtomography
    Heather Watson, Kasey Todd, Yanbin Wang, Tony Yu

  11. In-situ determination of crystal structure of (Mg,Fe)SiO3
    Li Zhang, Wenge Yang, Yue Meng, Lin Wang, Qiao-Shi Zeng, Wendy Mao, Ho-Kwang Mao