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Goldschmidt 2012 – Montreal

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3g. Glasses, melts and magmas

  1. Equation of state for CaO-FeO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2 melts and evolution of a whole-mantle magma ocean
    Paul Asimow, Claire Thomas, Carl Agee, Qiong Liu, Rebecca Lange

  2. The Effects of Dissolved Chloride on the Fe3+/∑  Fe of Rhyodacitic Melt
    Aaron Bell, James Webster, M. Darby Dyar

  3. The transient rheology of crystallizing magmas
    Magdalana Oryaelle Chevrel, Lea J. de Biasi, Jonathan B. Hanson, Corrado Cimarelli, Yan Lavallee, Donald B. Dingwell

  4. Mixing of Contrasting Silicate Melts: preliminary Raman Spectra
    Cristina P. De Campos, Diego Perugini, Daniel Neuville, Kai-Uwe Hess, Werner Ertel-Ingrisch, Donald B. Dingwell

  5. Melt Rheology and Glass Formation
    Donald Dingwell

  6. Molecular dynamics simulations of Y in silicate melts and implications for element partitioning
    Volker Haigis, Sandro Jahn

  7. First principles study of the structure and compressibility of MgSiO3 glass
    Bijaya Karki, Dipta Ghosh, Lars Stixrude

  8. The density, thermal expansion and compressibility of FeO in model basalts (An-Di-Hd) and a lunar basalt: Fe2+ in 6-fold coordination
    Rebecca Lange, Xuan Guo, Qiong Liu, Yuhui Ai

  9. Iron redox and viscosity of Erebus volcano phonolite lava (Antarctica): implications for lava lake convection and degassing processes
    Charles Le Losq, Daniel R. Neuville, Roberto Moretti, Dominique De Ligny, Yves Moussalam, Francois Baudelet, Clive Oppenheimer

  10. Laboratory TIR Emission Spectroscopy of Silicic Melts
    Rachel Lee, Michael Ramsey, Penny King

  11. The effect of Li on pegmatitic textures-experimental results
    Victoria Maneta, Don Baker

  12. Chromium Speciation in Silicate Glasses and Melts: an in-situ XAS Study
    Philippe Martin, Daniel Neuville, Denis Testemale, Michel Vilasi, Carine Petitjean

  13. Experimental investigations of the structural environment of metal (Nb, Ta) ions in silicate glass-water systems to high P-T conditions
    Robert Mayanovic, Alan Anderson, Manelich Luna, Giulio Solferino, Hao Yan

  14. Low energy absorption edges of NS3 glass, albite and silicon investigated using x-ray Raman scattering
    Kolja Mende, Alexander Nyrow, Christian Sternemann, Christian Schmidt, Max Wilke, Laura Simonelli, Marco Moretti Sala, Christoph Sahle, Thorsten Brenner, John Tse, Metin Tolan

  15. The amphoteric behaviour of water in silicate melts: Raman observations and physico-chemical description
    Roberto Moretti, Charles Le Losq, Daniel Neuville

  16. In situ high pressure changes to the O K-edge electronic structure of CaMgSi2O6: An x-ray Raman approach
    Benjamin Moulton, Masami Kanzaki, Hiroshi Fukui, Nozomu Hiraoka, Grant Henderson

  17. The density of carbonate and silicate melts in the upper mantle
    Carmen Sanchez-Valle, Sujoy Ghosh, Wim Malfait, Rita Seifert, Sylvain Petitgirard, Jean-Philippe Perrillat

  18. Carbonated basalts at depth: density, compression mechanisms, and potential buoyancy.
    Chrystele Sanloup, Celine Crepisson, Guillaume Morard, Helene Bureau, Gaelle Prouteau, Sylvain PetitGirard

  19. Experimental study on the pseudobinary H2O+NaAlSi3O8 at 600-800 °C and to 2.5 GPa
    Christian Schmidt, Anke Watenphul, Anke Wohlers, Katharina Marquardt

  20. Structural modifications in densified soda alumino silicate glasses
    Camille Sonneville, Dominique De Ligny, Daniel Neuville, Pierre Florian, Sylvie Le Floch, Charles Le Losq, Grant Henderson

  21. Interactions between network cation coordination and oxygen speciation in oxide glasses
    Jonathan Stebbins, Linda Thompson, Jingshi Wu

  22. Viscosity of carbon dioxide-bearing silicate melt at high pressure
    Akio Suzuki

  23. Quadrupolar corrections and increased accuracy for non-bridging oxygen measurements in silicate glasses using 17O NMR
    Linda Thompson, Jonathan Stebbins

  24. A general quasi-chemical solution model for ordered many-component systems
    Aaron Wolf, Paul Asimow, Razvan Caracas

  25. Temperature dependent structural changes in aluminoborosilicate melts with different modifier cations (Na, Ba, Ca)
    Jingshi Wu, Jonathan Stebbins