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Goldschmidt 2012 – Montreal

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3h. Recent developments and applications of non-traditional stable isotope geochemistry in Earth and Planetary materials

  1. The Influence of Recycling on Mantle 238U/235U?
    Morten Andersen, Tim Elliott

  2. Lithium isotope ratio of samples collected from salt lakes at Nevada, USA: Implication for lithium origin in salt lakes
    Daisuke Araoka, Yoshiro Nishio, Tetsuichi Takagi, Yasushi Watanabe, Hodaka Kawahata

  3. Mo and Ni isotope systematics in petroleum fluids across subsurface alteration gradients
    Corey Archer, Tim Elliott, Sander Van Den Boorn, Pim Van Bergen

  4. Unlocking the Zinc Isotope Systematics of Iron Meteorites
    Luke J. Bridgestock, Mark Rehkamper, Fiona Larner, Marlene Giscard, Rasmus Andreasen, Barry Coles, Gretchen Benedix, Karen Theis, Maria Schonbachler, Caroline Smith

  5. Stable Isotopes of Platinum: A New Geochemical and Cosmochemical Tracer?
    John Creech, Monica Handler, Joel Baker, Loretta Corcoran, Victoria Bennett

  6. Iron isotope geochemistry with a synchrotron light beam
    Nicolas Dauphas, Mathieu Roskosz, Esen Alp, Corliss Sio, Francois Tissot, Daniel Neuville, Michael Hu, Jiyong Zhao, Laurent Tissandier, Etienne Medard

  7. Equilibrium Partitioning of Li between Olivine and Clinopyroxene at Mantle Conditions
    James Deane, Maureen Feineman, Jessica Yakob, David Eggler, Sarah Penniston-Dorland

  8. Calcium Isotopes: Keystone for understanding isotopic fractionation and planetary material processes
    Donald DePaolo

  9. The MAT-253 Ultra -a novel high-resolution, multi-collector gas source mass spectrometer
    John Eiler, Matthieu Clog, Michael Deerberg, Paul Magyar, Alison Piasecki, Hans-Juergen Schlueter, Johannes Schweiters, Alex Sessions, Daniel Stolper, Nithya Thiagarajan

  10. Coupled Ge/Si and Ge isotope ratios as new geochemical tracers of seafloor hydrothermal systems: A case study at Loihi Seamount
    Raphaelle Escoube, Olivier J. Rouxel, Olivier F.X. Donard

  11. Methods for the determination of Te isotope compositions of minerals in the system Au-Ag-Te by MC-ICP-MS
    Andrew Fornadel, Paul Spry, Ryan Mathur, Simon Jackson, John Chapman, Isabelle Girard

  12. Non-traditional isotope variations in the Cordillera del Paine Pluton
    Norbert Gajos, Craig Lundstrom, Peter Michael

  13. Calcium isotope fractionation in a typical karst forest ecosystem, southwest China
    Guilin Han, Anton Eisenhauer

  14. Mg isotope composition of the bulk silicate earth constrained by first princeples calculation
    Fang Huang, Zhong-Qing Wu, Li-Juan Chen

  15. Lithium isotopic signature Oman ophiolite during hydrothermal alteration of the ancient oceanic crust
    Taehoon Kim, Shun'ichi Nakai, Hodaka Kawahata, Kyoko Yamaoka, Yoshiro Nishio

  16. Prediction of B, Li and Si equilibrium isotope fractionation between minerals, aqueous solutions, melts and metals at high P and T.
    Piotr Kowalski, Bernd Wunder, Sandro Jahn

  17. Constraints on the origins of adakites by using magnesium isotopes
    Mingxing Ling, Fangzhen Teng, Weidong Sun

  18. Equilibrium Mg and O isotope fractionations between silicates at high T and P : the test of a new calculation method
    Yun Liu, Xiaobin Cao, Xuefang Li, Jie Yuan

  19. Non-traditional isotope ratios in the Sonju Lake layered mafic intrusion: insight into magma differentiation
    Craig Lundstrom

  20. Zn isotope fractionation in Archean komatiites and associated lava-flows
    Nadine Mattielli, Pierre Haenecour, Vinciane Debaille

  21. Li and B isotopic composition of basement rocks, Dawn Lake area, Athabasca basin, Saskatchewan
    Robert Millar, Irvine R. Annesley, Roberta L. Rudnick, Xiaoming Liu, Kevin Ansdell

  22. Ultra-high precision Fe isotope analysis of eucrites and diogenites - Fe stable isotope fractionation during planetary differentiation?
    Marc-Alban Millet, Joel Baker, Martin Schiller, John Creech, Jessica Dallas, Martin Bizzarro

  23. Automated sample purification: Radiogenic and non-traditional metal isotopes in the 21st century
    Stephen Romaniello, Gwyneth Gordon, Dan Wiederin, M. Paul Field, Ariel D. Anbar

  24. Estimating isotope fractionation driven by nuclear size
    Edwin Schauble, Sanghamitra Ghosh, Bridget Bergquist

  25. Experimentally Determined Fe Isotope Fractionation between Metal and Silicate
    Anat Shahar, Mary Horan, Juliana Mesa Garcia, Timothy Mock, Valerie Hillgren, Liwei Deng

  26. LA-MC-ICPMS iron isotopic measurements of zoned olivine
    Corliss Kin I Sio, Nicolas Dauphas, Fang-zhen Teng, Marc Chaussidon, Rosalind Helz, Mathieu Roskosz, Yan Xiao, Thomas Ireland

  27. Mechanisms controlling 238U/235U isotopic fractionation in low- and high-temperature environments
    Claudine Stirling, Angela Kaltenbach, Yuri Amelin

  28. The formation of the giant Bayan Obo REE deposit: Constraints from Mg isotopes
    Weidong Sun, Mingxing Ling, Yulong Liu, Xiaoyong Yang, Fangzhen Teng

  29. Strontium stable isotope variations in lunar basalts
    Chelsea N Sutcliffe, Kevin Burton, Ian Parkinson, David Cook, Bruce Charlier, Don Porcelli, Fatima Mokadem, Alex Halliday

  30. Magnesium isotopic composition of the lower continental crust: A xenolith perspective
    Fang-Zhen Teng, Wei Yang, Roberta Rudnick

  31. Isotope exchange rates and equilibrium fractionation between Cr(III) and Cr(VI)
    Xiangli Wang, Thomas M. Johnson

  32. Experimental investigation of mass-(in)dependent cadmium isotope fractionation during evaporation
    Frank Wombacher, Victoria Kremser, Werner Ertel-Ingrisch, Don B. Dingwell, Carsten Munker, Alexander Heuser

  33. Non-traditional isotope variations at Cedar Butte volcano; insight into magmatic differentiation
    Thomas Zambardi, Xiao-Xiao Li, Craig C. Lundstrom, Chris Holmden, Michael McCurry