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Goldschmidt 2012 – Montreal

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5a. What zircons tell us about crustal evolution

Ian Campbell (Australian National University)
Tony Kemp (James Cook University, Australia)
Ming Li (Wuhan, China)

5b. Evolution and differentiation of the continental crust: A celebration of the contributions by Michael Brown

Julia Baldwin (University of Montana)
Christine Siddoway (Colorado College)
Richard White (Universität Mainz, Germany)

5c. From chondrite to a differentiated Earth: The formation of primitive silicate reservoirs, their fate and evolution through Earth's early times

Jonathan O'Neil (Université Blaise Pascal, France)
Mathieu Touboul (University of Maryland)

5d. Recycling of continental crust into the mantle: evidence and observations from ocean margins, the crust and the mantle, modern and ancient

(co-hosted by Themes 5 and 6)
David W. Scholl (U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park)
Kent Condie (New Mexico Tech)

5e. Extraction of crust from the mantle through time: from the Archean to the present

(co-hosted by Themes 5, 3 and 6)
Othmar Müntener (Université de Lausanne)
Oliver Jagoutz (MIT)
Jean Bedard (Geological Survey of Canada-Québec)
Steve Parman (Brown University)

5f. Characterizing mid- to lower-crustal flow related to orogenic processes

(co-hosted by themes 5 and 6)
Félix Gervais (École Polytechnique de Montréal)
Dan Gibson (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver)
Laurent Godin (Queen's University, Canada)

5g. Formation, evolution, and destruction of cratons and their lithospheric roots

Albrecht Hofmann (Max Planck Institute for Chemistry)
Cin-Ty Lee (Rice University, Houston)
Chuan-Zhou Liu (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing)
Aleksandar Mišković (University of British Columbia)
D. Graham Pearson (University of Alberta)
Steven Shirey (Carnegie Institution of Washington)