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Goldschmidt 2012 – Montreal

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9a. The green technologies: metallogenesis for the future

Robert Linnen (University of Western Ontario)
Anthony Williams-Jones (McGill University)

9b. Geochemistry of petroleum, coal combustion and gasification products

(co-hosted by Themes 9 and 14)
James C. Hower (University of Kentucky )
Hamed Sanei (Geological Survey of Canada, Calgary)
Owen Duckworth (NC State University)
Dean Hesterberg (NC State University)
Mark Chappell (Army Corps of Engineers R&D Center)

9c. Black shale-hosted mineral resources: deposit characterization, geochemical controls, and exploration potential

Suzanne Paradis (Geological Survey of Canada)
John Slack (U.S. Geological Survey)

9d. Vectoring towards mineral deposits: integrated spatial analysis of geochemical and other mineral exploration datasets

(co-hosted by Themes 9 and 23)
Gongwen Wang (China University of Geosciences in Beijing)
Wenlei Wang (York University)

9e. Uranium: from a durable resource to its environmental impact

Georges Calas (Université Pierre et Marie Curie)
Mostafa Fayek (University of Manitoba)

9f. Innovative geochemical approaches to understanding geothermal systems

(co-hosted by Themes 9 and 6)
Nathalie Vigouroux (Alterra Power Corp., BC, Canada)
Anthony.E. Williams-Jones (McGill University)
Glyn Williams-Jones (Simon Fraser University)

9g. Water-rock-microbial interactions in energy systems

(co-hosted by Themes 9 and 14)
Jennifer McIntosh (University of Arizona)
David Vinson (University of Arizona)
Ben Cowie (University of Calgary)
Steve Larter (University of Calgary)

9h. Trace elements in oxide minerals from ore deposits: Petrogenetic interpretation and implications for exploration

James Brenan (University of Toronto)
Sarah Dare (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi)
Philippe Pagé (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi)