Hallimond Lecture


The Hallimond Lecture was established in honour of Arthur Francis Hallimond (1890–1968) who was a member of the Mineralogical Society for 56 years, many of which were served on Council (obituary published in American Mineralogist ).

The annual lecture is a tribute to Hallimond’s valuable contribution to the science of mineralogy, particularly in the fields of ore mineralogy and instrument design. His book, Manual of the Polarising Microscope, first published in 1948, is regarded as one of the foundation stones of modern ore-microscopy.

The Hallimond Lecturer, chosen annually by Council, is invited to deliver a lecture at the Mineralogical Society’s Annual Meeting. The first Hallimond lecture was delivered in 1970/1.


2017 D.B. Johnson Bangor University, UK
2016 K. Rosso Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Washington
2016 D. Pyle University of Oxford
2015 N. Skipper University College London
2014 G. Begg Minerals Targeting International
2014 S. Gibson Cambridge University
 2013 K. Condie New Mexico Tech
2012/13 K. Hudson-Edwards Birkbeck, University of London
2011/12 P. O’Brien Universität Potsdam
2010/11 J. Banfield California-Berkeley
2009/10 R. Ewing U. Michigan
2008/9 B. Harte Edinburgh
2007/8 J. Gale Curtin University, Australia
2006/7 P. Kelemen Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, USA
2005/6 C.M.O’D Alexander Carnegie Institution, Washington
2004/5 C. Skinner Yale
2003/4 F. Goff Los Alamos Nat. Lab., USA
2002/3 A.N. Halliday ETH, Zurich
2001/2 M.J. Holdoway S. Methodist Univ. Colorado
2000/01 U. Hansen Münster, Germany
1999/00 S. Sparks Bristol
1998/9 J. Jambor British Columbia
1997/8 W. Compston A.N.U., Canberra
1996/7 B.J. Wood University of Bristol
1995/6 D.H. Green A.N.U., Canberra
1994/5 B.D. Marsh Johns Hopkins
1993/4 G. Brown Stanford
1992/3 L.J. Cabri CANMET
1991/2 D.P. McKenzie Cambridge
1990/01 J.M. Thomas R.I., London
1989/90 R.C. Newton Chicago
1988/9 R.G. Burns M.I.T., Massachusetts
1987/8 W.F. Schreyer Bochum
1986/7 J. Zussmann Manchester
1985/6 R.K. O’Nions Oxford
1984/5 H.P. Eugster Johns Hopkins
1983/4 A.E. Ringwood Canberra
1982/3 G. Turner Manchester
1981/2 H.S. Yoder Jr Washington
1980/1 J.B. Dawson Sheffield
1979/80 J.B. Thompson Harvard
1978/9 S.M.F. Sheppard CNRS, Nancy
1977/8 I. Parsons Edinburgh
1976/7 J.V. Smith Chicago
1975/6 S. Moorbath Oxford
1974/5 S.O. Agrell Cambridge
1973/4 H.F.W. Taylor Aberdeen
1972/3 M.H. Hey NHM, London
1971/2 W.S. Mackenzie Manchester
1970/1 J.D.C McConnell Oxford