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Contents: July 1974, Volume 10, Issue 3

G. Brown, P. Bourguignon and J. Thorez
A Lithium-Bearing Aluminian Regular Mixed Layer Montmorillonite-Chlorite from Huy, Belgium
Clay Minerals 1974 10 : 135-144. [Abstract] [PDF]
Ch. Mosser
Illites En Lattes, Illites Pseudohexagonales, Processus De Formation: Experimentation
Clay Minerals 1974 10 : 145-151. [Abstract] [PDF]
J. R. Carlson and K. A. Rodgers
The Coalgate Bentonite. A Ferriferous-Beidellite Deposit from Canterbury, New Zealand
Clay Minerals 1974 10 : 153-172. [Abstract] [PDF]
A. H. Weir and J. H. Rayner
An Interstratified Illite-Smectite from Denchworth Series Soil in Weathered Oxford Clay
Clay Minerals 1974 10 : 173-187. [Abstract] [PDF]
I. R. Basham
Mineralogical Changes Associated Deep Weathering of Gabbro in Aberdeenshire
Clay Minerals 1974 10 : 189-202. [Abstract] [PDF]
E. A. Ferreiro and A. K. Helmy
Flocculation of Na-Montmorillonite by Electrolytes
Clay Minerals 1974 10 : 203-213. [Abstract] [PDF]
Book Reviews
A. H. Weir
The Chemistry of Clay Minerals
Clay Minerals 1974 10 : 215-216. [Abstract] [PDF]