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Contents: December 1976, Volume 11, Issue 4

G. W. Brindley
Current and Future Trends in Clay Mineralogy—A Review
Clay Minerals 1976 11 : 257-268. [Abstract] [PDF]
E. Barragan and J. Iñiguez
Weathering of Clay Minerals in a Navarre Andosol (Spain)
Clay Minerals 1976 11 : 269-272. [Abstract] [PDF]
Ewald E. Kohler and Heinrich M. Köster
Zur Mineralogie, Kristallchemie und Geochemie Kretazischer Glaukonite
Clay Minerals 1976 11 : 273-302. [Abstract] [PDF]
Ewald E. Kohler and P.K. Burkert
Kernmagnetische Resonanzmessungen an Glaukoniten
Clay Minerals 1976 11 : 303-311. [Abstract] [PDF]
J. Lemaitre, M. Bulens and B. Delmon
Influence of Uniformly Dispersed Mineralizers on Firing and Mechanical Resistance of Clay Ceramics
Clay Minerals 1976 11 : 313-325. [Abstract] [PDF]
D. T. Pritchard and E. C. Ormerod
The Effect of Heating on the Surface Area of Iron Oxide
Clay Minerals 1976 11 : 327-329. [Abstract] [PDF]
R. D. Laura
Comments on the Paper ‘Surface Acidity of Imogolite and Allophane’
Clay Minerals 1976 11 : 331-334. [Abstract] [PDF]
Koji Wada and Teruo Henmi
Surface Acidity of Imogolite and Allophane: A Reply
Clay Minerals 1976 11 : 335-337. [Abstract] [PDF]