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Contents: December 1978, Volume 13, Issue 4

S. Macneill
A Chemical Investigation of a Chlorite Intergrade Mineral in the Keuper Marl
Clay Minerals 1978 13 : 357-365. [Abstract] [PDF]
Amparo Mifsud, Vicente Fornes and Michel Rautureau
Etude De L'eau Dans La Palygorskite A L'aide Des Analyses Thermiques
Clay Minerals 1978 13 : 367-374. [Abstract] [PDF]
A. Jiménez-López, J. de D. López-González, A. Ramīrez-Sāenz, F. Rodrīguez-Reinoso, C. Valenzuela-Calahorro and L. Zurita-Herrera
Evolution of Surface Area in a Sepiolite as a Functon of Acid and Heat Treatments
Clay Minerals 1978 13 : 375-385. [Abstract] [PDF]
F. C. Loughnan
Flint Clays, Tonsteins and the Kaolinite Clayrock Facies
Clay Minerals 1978 13 : 387-400. [Abstract] [PDF]
A. 't Serstevens, P. G. Rouxhet and A. J. Herbillon
Alteration of Mica Surfaces by Water and Solutions
Clay Minerals 1978 13 : 401-410. [Abstract] [PDF]
D. Saehr, R. Le Dred and D. Hoffner
Contribution A l'Etude Des Interactions Vermiculite-Colorants Cationiques
Clay Minerals 1978 13 : 411-425. [Abstract] [PDF]
Cl. Salha, J. Bontoux and J. L. Chanal
Etude Par Diffusion Brownienne De La Fixation De L'Acide Glutamique Dans Les Systemes Eau-Montmorillonite Et Eau-Kaolinite
Clay Minerals 1978 13 : 427-434. [Abstract] [PDF]
Robert A. Schoonheydt, Josephina Pelgrims, Yves Heroes and Jan B. Uytterhoeven
Characterization of Tris(2,2′-Bipyridyl) Ruthenium(II) on Hectorite
Clay Minerals 1978 13 : 435-438. [Abstract] [PDF]