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Contents: March 1982, Volume 17, Issue 1

D. J. Morgan
Clays in the Discovery and Recovery of Petroleum
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 1-1. [Abstract] [PDF]
C. V. Jeans
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 3-4. [Abstract] [PDF]
Andrew Hurst and Hilary Irwin
Geological Modelling of Clay Diagenesis in Sandstones
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 5-22. [Abstract] [PDF]
W. J. McHardy, M. J. Wilson and J. M. Tait
Electron Microscope and X-ray Diffraction Studies of Filamentous Illitic Clay from Sandstones of the Magnus Field
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 23-40. [Abstract] [PDF]
K. A. Morris and C. M. Shepperd
The Role of Clay Minerals in Influencing Porosity and Permeability Characteristics in the Bridport Sands of Wytch Farm, Dorset
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 41-54. [Abstract] [PDF]
U. Seemann
Depositional Facies, Diagenetic Clay Minerals and Reservoir Quality of Rotliegend Sediments in the Southern Permian Basin (North Sea): A Review
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 55-67. [Abstract] [PDF]
N. C. Rossel
Clay Mineral Diagenesis in Rotliegend Aeolian Sandstones of the Southern North Sea
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 69-77. [Abstract] [PDF]
M. J. Fisher and C. V. Jeans
Clay Mineral Stratigraphy in the Permo-Triassic Red Bed Sequences of BNOC 72/10-1A, Western Approaches, and the South Devon Coast
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 79-89. [Abstract] [PDF]
D. O. Lambert-Aikhionbare and H. F. Shaw
Significance of Clays in the Petroleum Geology of the Niger Delta
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 91-103. [Abstract] [PDF]
C. V. Jeans, R. J. Merriman, J. G. Mitchell and D. J. Bland
Volcanic Clays in the Cretaceous of Southern England and Northern Ireland
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 105-156. [Abstract] [PDF]
Book Reviews
William J. McHardy
Electron Microscopy of Soils and Sediments: Examples
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 157-157. [Abstract] [PDF]
H. F. Shaw
Clays and the Resource Geologist
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 157-158. [Abstract] [PDF]