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Contents: December 1982, Volume 17, Issue 4

B. D. Cervelle and M. Maquet
Cristallochimie Des Lizardites Substituees Mg-Fe-Ni Par Spectrometrie Visible Et Infrarouge Proche
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 377-392. [Abstract] [PDF]
C. E. Corbato and R. T. Tettenhorst
Two Examples of Quantitative Analysis by Simulated X-ray Powder Diffraction Patterns
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 393-399. [Abstract] [PDF]
D. Minichelli
The Quantitative Phase Analysis of Clay Minerals by X-ray Diffraction: Modern Aspects of Industrial Routine Control
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 401-408. [Abstract] [PDF]
C. Bonnot-Courtois and N. Jaffrezic-Renault
Etude Des Echanges Entre Terres Rares Et Cations Interfoliaires De Deux Argiles
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 409-420. [Abstract] [PDF]
A. Perruchot and F. Delbove
Etude Thermodynamique Des Echanges D'Ions Entre Gels Silicates (A,B)O-SiO2-nH2O Et Solutions Aqueuses (A2+,B2+) D'Elements De Transition
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 421-432. [Abstract] [PDF]
J. M. Huggett
On the Nature of Fibrous Illite as Observed by Electron Microscopy
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 433-441. [Abstract] [PDF]
S. Evans and E. Raftery
X-ray Photoelectron Diffraction Studies of Lepidolite
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 443-452. [Abstract] [PDF]
Ph. Boyer
Quelques Aspects De L'Action Des Termites Du Sol Sur Les Argiles
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 453-462. [Abstract] [PDF]
J. Torrent and R. Guzman
Crystallization of Fe(III)-Oxides from Ferrihydrite in Salt Solutions: Osmotic and Specific Ion Effects
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 463-469. [Abstract] [PDF]
U. Schwertmann and H. Fechter
The Point of Zero Charge of Natural and Synthetic Ferrihydrites and Its Relation to Adsorbed Silicate
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 471-476. [Abstract] [PDF]
S. Evans and E. Raftery
Determination of the Oxidation State of Manganese in Lepidolite by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 477-481. [Abstract] [PDF]
M. Stul
Selective Liquid Adsorption on Dodecylpyridinium Clay by HPLC
Clay Minerals 1982 17 : 483-486. [Abstract] [PDF]