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Contents: March 1983, Volume 18, Issue 1

J. Decleer, W. Viaene and N. Vandenberghe
Relationships Between Chemical, Physical and Mineralogical Characteristics of the Rupelian Boom Clay, Belgium
Clay Minerals 1983 18 : 1-10. [Abstract] [PDF]
G. Besson, R. Glaeser and C. Tchoubar
Le Cesium, Revelateur De Structure Des Smectites
Clay Minerals 1983 18 : 11-19. [Abstract] [PDF]
R. A. Eggleton, J. H. Pennington, R. S. Freeman and I. M. Threadgold
Structural Aspects of the Hisingerite-Neotocite Series
Clay Minerals 1983 18 : 21-31. [Abstract] [PDF]
J. A. Bain and D. J. Morgan
Laboratory Separation of Clays by Hydrocycloning
Clay Minerals 1983 18 : 33-47. [Abstract] [PDF]
A. Cowking, M. J. Wilson, J. M. Tait and R. H. S. Robertson
Structure and Swelling of Fibrous and Granular Saponitic Clay from Orrock Quarry, Fife, Scotland
Clay Minerals 1983 18 : 49-64. [Abstract] [PDF]
F. Grousset, C. Latouche and N. Maillet
Clay Minerals as Indicators of Wind and Current Contribution to Post-Glacial Sedimentation on the Azores/Iceland Ridge
Clay Minerals 1983 18 : 65-75. [Abstract] [PDF]
A. Fontanaud and A. Meunier
Mineralogical Facies of a Weathered Serpentinized Lherzolite from the Pyrenees, France
Clay Minerals 1983 18 : 77-88. [Abstract] [PDF]
G. W. Brindley and Tetsuya Suzuki
Tarasovite, a Mixed-Layer Illite-Smectite Which Approaches an Ordered 3:1 Layer Ratio
Clay Minerals 1983 18 : 89-94. [Abstract] [PDF]
J. M. Tait, A. Violante and P. Violante
Co-Crystallization of Gibbsite and Bayerite with Nordstrandite
Clay Minerals 1983 18 : 95-99. [Abstract] [PDF]
T. Henmi, M. Nakai, T. Seki and N. Yoshinaga
Structural Changes of Allophanes During Dry Grinding: Dependence on SiO2/Al2O3 Ratio
Clay Minerals 1983 18 : 101-107. [Abstract] [PDF]
Book Reviews
C. S. Cundy
Advanced Techniques for Clay Mineral Analysis
Clay Minerals 1983 18 : 109-110. [Abstract] [PDF]
P. Loveland
Principles of Soil Chemistry
Clay Minerals 1983 18 : 110-112. [Abstract] [PDF]
R. C. Mackenzie
Lateritisation Processes: Proceedings of the International Seminar on Lateritisation Processes, Trivandrum, India, 11–14 December, 1979
Clay Minerals 1983 18 : 112-113. [Abstract] [PDF]
Clay Minerals 1983 18 : 115-116. [Abstract] [PDF]