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Contents: June 1990, Volume 25, Issue 2

B. Delvaux, A. J. Herbillon, J. E. Dufey and L. Vielvoye
Surface Properties and Clay Mineralogy of Hydrated Halloysitic Soil Clays. I: Existence of Interlayer K+ Specific Sites
Clay Minerals 1990 25 : 129-139. [Abstract] [PDF]
B. Delvaux, A. J. Herbillon, L. Vielvoye and M. M. Mestdagh
Surface Properties and Clay Mineralogy of Hydrated Halloysitic Soil Clays. II: Evidence for the Presence of Halloysite/Smectite (H/Sm) Mixed-Layer Clays
Clay Minerals 1990 25 : 141-160. [Abstract] [PDF]
H. C. B. Hansen and R. M. Taylor
Formation of Synthetic Analogues of Double Metal-Hydroxy Carbonate Minerals under Controlled pH Conditions: I. The Synthesis of Pyroaurite and Reevesite
Clay Minerals 1990 25 : 161-179. [Abstract] [PDF]
S. Petit and A. Decarreau
Hydrothermal (200°C) Synthesis and Crystal Chemistry of Iron-Rich Kaolinites
Clay Minerals 1990 25 : 181-196. [Abstract] [PDF]
A. Corma, A. Mifsud and E. Sanz
Kinetics of the Acid Leaching of Palygorskite: Influence of the Octahedral Sheet Composition
Clay Minerals 1990 25 : 197-205. [Abstract] [PDF]
H. Cetisli and T. Gedikbey
Dissolution Kinetics of Sepiolite from Eskistehir (Turkey) in Hydrochloric and Nitric Acids
Clay Minerals 1990 25 : 207-215. [Abstract] [PDF]
O. Touret, Y. Tardy, C. H. Pons and D. Tessier
Etude de la Repartition de L'eau dans des Argiles Saturees Mg2+ Aux Fortes Teneurs En Eau
Clay Minerals 1990 25 : 217-233. [Abstract] [PDF]
K. Kitajima and N. Takusagawa
Effects of Tetrahedral Isomorphic Substitution on the IR Spectra of Synthetic Fluorine Micas
Clay Minerals 1990 25 : 235-241. [Abstract] [PDF]
Book Reviews
C. V. Jeans
Clay Sedimentology
Clay Minerals 1990 25 : 243-243. [Abstract] [PDF]
C.S. Cundy
Molecular Sieves: Principles of Synthesis and Identification
Clay Minerals 1990 25 : 244-244. [Abstract] [PDF]
R. Ouahes
Analyse Structurale et Chimique des Materiaux
Clay Minerals 1990 25 : 245-245. [Abstract] [PDF]
Forthcoming Papers
Clay Minerals 1990 25 : 246-246. [Abstract] [PDF]
Clay Minerals 1990 25 : 247-247. [Abstract] [PDF]