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Contents: June 1991, Volume 26, Issue 2

S. Hillier and B. Velde
Octahedral Occupancy and the Chemical Composition of Diagenetic (Low-Temperature) Chlorites
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 149-168. [Abstract] [PDF]
J. S. Jahren
Evidence of Ostwald Ripening Related Recrystallization of Diagenetic Chlorites from Reservoir Rocks Offshore Norway
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 169-178. [Abstract] [PDF]
T. Miki, Y. Nakamuta and J. Aizawa
Relationships Between Authigenic Mineral Transformation and Variation in Vitrinite Reflectance During Diagenesis: An Example from the Tertiary of Northern Kyushu, Japan
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 179-187. [Abstract] [PDF]
J.-R. Mossmann
K-Ar Dating of Authigenic Illite-Smectite Clay Material: Application to Complex Mixtures of Mixed-Layer Assemblages
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 189-198. [Abstract] [PDF]
R. B. Pearce, T. Clayton and A. E. S. Kemp
Illitization and Organic Maturity in Silurian Sediments from the Southern Uplands of Scotland
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 199-210. [Abstract] [PDF]
C. Yang and R. Hesse
Clay Minerals as Indicators of Diagenetic and Anchimetamorphic Grade in an Overthrust Belt, External Domain of Southern Canadian Appalachians
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 211-231. [Abstract] [PDF]
Balwant Singh and R. J. Gilkes
A Potassium-Rich Beidellite from a Laterite Pallid Zone in Western Australia
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 233-244. [Abstract] [PDF]
L. Heller-Kallai, E. Huard and R. Prost
Disorder Induced by De-Intercalation of DMSO from Kaolinite
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 245-253. [Abstract] [PDF]
J. H. Denis, M. J. Keall, P. L. Hall and G. H. Meeten
Influence of Potassium Concentration on the Swelling and Compaction of Mixed (Na,K) Ion-Exchanged Montmorillonite
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 255-268. [Abstract] [PDF]
E. Morillo, C. Maqueda and J. L. Pérez-Rodríguez
Mechanisms of Interaction Between Montmorillonite and 3-Aminotriazole
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 269-279. [Abstract] [PDF]
V. C. Farmer, F. Palmieri, A. Violante and P. Violante
Amorphous Hydroxyaluminium Silicates Formed Under Physiological Saline Conditions, and in CaCo3-Buffered Solutions. Stability and Significance for Alzheimer Plaque Precipitates
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 281-287. [Abstract] [PDF]
Book Reviews
M. J. Wilson
CMS Workshop Lectures, Volume 1, Quantitative Mineral Analysis of Clays
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 289-290. [Abstract] [PDF]
H.F. Shaw
Argillaceous Rock Atlas
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 290-291. [Abstract] [PDF]
D.C. Bain
Soils of the British Isles
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 292-292. [Abstract] [PDF]
Forthcoming Papers
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 293-293. [Abstract] [PDF]
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 295-295. [Abstract] [PDF]