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Contents: December 1991, Volume 26, Issue 4

K. Wada, Y. Kakuto, M. A. Wilson and J. V. Hanna
The Chemical Composition and Structure of a 14 Å Intergradient Mineral in a Korean Ultisol
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 449-461. [Abstract] [PDF]
Balwant Singh and R. J. Gilkes
Concentration of Iron Oxides from Soil Clays by 5 m NaOH Treatment: The Complete Removal of Sodalite and Kaolin
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 463-472. [Abstract] [PDF]
C. Breen
Thermogravimetric Study of the Desorption of Cyclohexylamine and Pyridine from an Acid-Treated Wyoming Bentonite
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 473-486. [Abstract] [PDF]
C. Breen
Thermogravimetric and Infrared Study of the Desorption of Butylamine, Cyclohexylamine and Pyridine from Ni- and Co-Exchanged Montmorillonite
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 487-496. [Abstract] [PDF]
U. Shuali, S. Yariv, M. Steinberg, M. Müller-Vonmoos, G. Kahr and A. Rub
Thermal Analysis of Pyridine-Treated Sepiolite and Palygorskite
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 497-506. [Abstract] [PDF]
H. C. B. Hansen and R. M. Taylor
Formation of Synthetic Analogues of Double Metal-Hydroxy Carbonate Minerals Under Controlled pH Conditions: II. The Synthesis of Desautelsite
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 507-525. [Abstract] [PDF]
C. Bender Koch
Non-Crystalline Hydrous Feldspathoids in Late Permian Carbonate Rock
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 527-534. [Abstract] [PDF]
J. Aróstegui, M. C. Zuluaga, F. Velasco, M. Ortega-Huertas and F. Nieto
Diagenesis of the Central Basque-Cantabrian Basin (Iberian Peninsula) Based on Illite-Smectite Distribution
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 535-548. [Abstract] [PDF]
F. Gonzalez Garcia, M. T. Ruiz Abrio and M. Gonzalez Rodriguez
Effects of Dry Grinding on Two Kaolins of Different Degrees of Crystallinity
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 549-565. [Abstract] [PDF]
R. M. Cornell and E. S. Aksoyoglu
Simultaneous Determination of the Cation Exchange Capacity and the Exchangeable Cations on Marl
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 567-570. [Abstract] [PDF]
J. L. Martin de Vidales, C. de la Calle and C. H. Pons
Interstratification K-Mg Dans Les Vermiculites. Comportement Particulier De La Vermiculite De Malawi
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 571-576. [Abstract] [PDF]
C. Bender Koch and S. Mørup
Identification of Green Rust in an Ochre Sludge
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 577-582. [Abstract] [PDF]
Book Reviews
W. J. McHardy
CMS Workshop Lectures, Volume 2, Electron-Optical Methods in Clay Science
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 583-584. [Abstract] [PDF]
E. Paterson
CMS Workshop Lectures, Volume 3, Thermal Analysis in Clay Science
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 584-585. [Abstract] [PDF]
Forthcoming Papers
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 586-586. [Abstract] [PDF]
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 587-587. [Abstract] [PDF]
Referees for Volume 26
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 588-588. [Abstract] [PDF]
Alphabetical Index
Clay Minerals 1991 26 : 589-597. [Abstract] [PDF]