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Contents: December 1958, Volume 3, Issue 20

P. S. Keeling
A Simple Aid to Clay Mineral Identification
Clay Minerals 1958 3 : 271-275. [Abstract] [PDF]
R. C. Mackenzie and B. M. Bishui
The Montmorillonite Differential Thermal Curve. II. Effect of Exchangeable Cations on the Dehydroxylation of Normal Montmorillonite
Clay Minerals 1958 3 : 276-286. [Abstract] [PDF]
V. P. Petrov
Genetic Types of White Clays in the U.S.S.R. and Laws Governing Their Distribution
Clay Minerals 1958 3 : 287-296. [Abstract] [PDF]
Hidetoshi Shimane and Toshio Sudo
A Chloritic Mineral Found Associated with Vermiculite
Clay Minerals 1958 3 : 297-301. [Abstract] [PDF]
G. F. Walker
Reactions of Expanding-Lattice Clay Minerals with Glycerol and Ethylene Glycol
Clay Minerals 1958 3 : 302-313. [Abstract] [PDF]