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Contents: June 1999, Volume 34, Issue 2

M. Ogawa, M. Hama and K. Kuroda
Photochromism of Azobenzene in the Hydrophobic Interlayer Spaces of Dialkyldimethylammonium-Fluor-Tetrasilicic Mica Films
Clay Minerals 1999 34 : 213-220. [Abstract] [PDF]
P. Falaras, I. Kovanis, F. Lezou and G. Seiragakis
Cottonseed Oil Bleaching by Acid-Activated Montmorillonite
Clay Minerals 1999 34 : 221-232. [Abstract] [PDF]
H. Hashizume and B. K. G. Theng
Adsorption of DL-alanine by Allophane: Effect of pH and Unit Particle Aggregation
Clay Minerals 1999 34 : 233-238. [Abstract] [PDF]
U. Johansson, A. Holmgren, W. Forsling and R. L. Frost
Adsorption of Silane Coupling Agents onto Kaolinite Surfaces
Clay Minerals 1999 34 : 239-246. [Abstract] [PDF]
A. P. Menegatti, G. L. Früh-Green and P. Stille
Removal of Organic Matter by Disodium Peroxodisulphate: Effects on Mineral Structure, Chemical Composition and Physicochemical Properties of Some Clay Minerals
Clay Minerals 1999 34 : 247-257. [Abstract] [PDF]
A. Bauer and B. Velde
Smectite Transformation in High Molar KOH Solutions
Clay Minerals 1999 34 : 259-273. [Abstract] [PDF]
R. Mosser-Ruck, M. Cathelineau, A. Baronnet and A. Trouiller
Hydrothermal Reactivity of K-smectite at 300°C and 100 bar: Dissolution-Crystallization Process and Non-Expandable Dehydrated Smectite Formation
Clay Minerals 1999 34 : 275-290. [Abstract] [PDF]
U. G. Gasser, R. Nüesch, M. J. Singer and E. Jeanroy
Distribution of Manganese in Synthetic Goethite
Clay Minerals 1999 34 : 291-299. [Abstract] [PDF]
Balwant Singh, A. R. Fraser, M. J. Wilson, W. J. McHardy and G. Merrington
Mineralogy and Chemistry of Ochre Sediments from an Acid Mine Drainage Near a Disused Mine in Cornwall, UK
Clay Minerals 1999 34 : 301-317. [Abstract] [PDF]
D. Righi, K. Huber and C. Keller
Clay Formation and Podzol Development from Postglacial Moraines in Switzerland
Clay Minerals 1999 34 : 319-332. [Abstract] [PDF]
B. A. Sakharov, A. L. Salyn, V. A. Drits and H. Lindgreen
Mixed-Layer Kaolinite-Illite-Vermiculite in North Sea Shales
Clay Minerals 1999 34 : 333-344. [Abstract] [PDF]
M. D. Ruiz Cruz
Clay Mineral Assemblages in Flysch from the Campo de Gibraltar Area (Spain)
Clay Minerals 1999 34 : 345-364. [Abstract] [PDF]
F. Martin, M. P. Lavie, S. Petit and O. Grauby
Gradual H/D Substitution in Synthetic Germanium Bearing Talcs: a Method for Infrared Band Assignment
Clay Minerals 1999 34 : 365-374. [Abstract] [PDF]
J. Środoń
Extracting K-Ar Ages from Shales: A Theoretical Test
Clay Minerals 1999 34 : 375-378. [Abstract] [PDF]
Book Review
D.A.C. Manning
Environmental Interactions of Clays: Clays and the Environment
Clay Minerals 1999 34 : 379-380. [Abstract] [PDF]