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Contents: December 1962, Volume 5, Issue 28

H. F. W. Taylor
Homogeneous and Inhomogeneous Mechanisms in the Dehydroxylation of Minerals
Clay Minerals 1962 5 : 45-55. [Abstract] [PDF]
L. Heller, V. C. Farmer, R. C. Mackenzie, B. D. Mitchell and H. F. W. Taylor
The Dehydroxylation and Rehydroxylation of Triphormic Dioctahedral Clay Minerals
Clay Minerals 1962 5 : 56-72. [Abstract] [PDF]
W. E. Addison and J. H. Sharp
A Mechanism for the Oxidation of Ferrous Iron in Hydroxylated Silicates
Clay Minerals 1962 5 : 73-79. [Abstract] [PDF]
A. Bien and W. L. De Keyser
The Effects of Aluminium Fluoride on the Thermal Behaviour of Kaolin
Clay Minerals 1962 5 : 80-89. [Abstract] [PDF]
D. A. Holdridge
The Effect of Firing on Some Physical Properties of Etruria Marls
Clay Minerals 1962 5 : 90-97. [Abstract] [PDF]
K. Norrish and R. M. Taylor
Quantitative Analysis by X-Ray Diffraction
Clay Minerals 1962 5 : 98-109. [Abstract] [PDF]
R. W. Grimshaw, A. G. Sadler and A. L. Roberts
The Micaceous Mineral of the Yorkshire Fireclays
Clay Minerals 1962 5 : 110-127. [Abstract] [PDF]
B. D. Mitchell and V. C. Farmer
A Morphous Clay Minerals in Some Scottish Soil Profiles
Clay Minerals 1962 5 : 128-144. [Abstract] [PDF]
W. Bodenheimer, L. Heller, B. Kirson and Sh. Yariv
Organo-Metallic Clay Complexes Part II
Clay Minerals 1962 5 : 145-154. [Abstract] [PDF]
P. S. Keeling
Some Experiments on the Low-Temperature Removal of Carbonaceous Material from Clays
Clay Minerals 1962 5 : 155-158. [Abstract] [PDF]
Notes and News
O. Gjems
A Swelling Clay Mineral from the Weathering Horizon of Podzols
Clay Minerals 1962 5 : 159-160. [Abstract] [PDF]