1969 July December
1970 July December

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Contents: July 1969, Volume 8, Issue 1

G. Pruden and H. G. C. King
A Scheme of Semi-Micro Analysis for the Major Elements in Clay Minerals, Based on Modifications to Conventional Methods of Silicate Analysis
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 1-13. [Abstract] [PDF]
C. D. Curtis, P. E. Brown and V. A. Somogyi
A Naturally Occurring Sodium Vermiculite from Unst, Shetland
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 15-19. [Abstract] [PDF]
B. Scott and T. G. Carruthers
Hydrothermal Reactions and Crystallographic Relationships Found During the Reactive Hot Pressing of Kaolinites
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 21-28. [Abstract] [PDF]
M. J. Purton and R. F. Youell
An X-ray Investigation of Some Argillaceous Rocks from the Skipton Anticline, Yorkshire
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 29-37. [Abstract] [PDF]
J. L. Perez-Rodriguez and M. J. Wilson
Effects of Pretreatment on a 14 Å Swelling Mineral from Gartly, Aberdeenshire
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 39-45. [Abstract] [PDF]
G. Halma
A Simple and Rapid Method to Obtain a Linear Density Gradient
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 47-57. [Abstract] [PDF]
G. Halma
The Separation of Clay Mineral Fractions with Linear Heavy Liquid Density Gradient Columns
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 59-69. [Abstract] [PDF]
R. Schoonheydt and Jan B. Uytterhoeven
Electrical Conductivity Study on Synthetic Faujasites Type X and Y
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 71-85. [Abstract] [PDF]
J. D. Russell, W. J. McHardy and A. R. Fraser
Imogolite: A Unique Aluminosilicate
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 87-99. [Abstract] [PDF]
W. U. Malik, S. K. Srivastava and D. Gupta
Viscosimetric Studies on the Interaction of Surface Active Compounds with Bentonite
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 101-106. [Abstract] [PDF]
E. Passaglia
Roggianite, a New Silicate Mineral
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 107-111. [Abstract] [PDF]
J. A. Gard
An Electron Microscope and Diffraction Study of Roggianite
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 112-113. [Abstract] [PDF]
Book Reviews
M. J. Wilson
Coal and Coal-bearing Strata
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 115-116. [Abstract] [PDF]
M. J. Wilson
Bleaching Earths
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 116-117. [Abstract] [PDF]