1969 July December
1970 July December

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Contents: December 1969, Volume 8, Issue 2

J. J. Fripiat, M. Pennequin, G. Poncelet and P. Cloos
Influence of the Van Der Waals Force on the Infrared Spectra of Short Aliphatic Alkylammonium Cations Held on Montmorillonite
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 119-134. [Abstract] [PDF]
T. W. Parker
A Classification of Kaolinites by Infrared Spectroscopy
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 135-141. [Abstract] [PDF]
R. Prost and J. Chaussidon
The Infrared Spectrum of Water Adsorbed on Hectorite
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 143-149. [Abstract] [PDF]
K. J. D. MacKenzie
A Mossbauer Study of the Role of Iron Impurities in the High Temperature Reactions of Kaolinite Minerals
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 151-160. [Abstract] [PDF]
Bibhuti Mukherjee, M. G. Rao and C. Karunakaran
Genesis of Kaolin Deposits of Birbhum, West Bengal, India
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 161-170. [Abstract] [PDF]
J. A. Bain and D. J. Morgan
The Role of Thermal Analysis in the Evaluation of Impure Clay Deposits as Mineral Raw Materials
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 171-192. [Abstract] [PDF]
C. E. Davis and D. A. Holdridge
Quantitative Estimation of Clay Minerals by D.T.A.
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 193-200. [Abstract] [PDF]
Richard Berry and Per Jørgensen
Separation of Illite and Chlorite in Clays by Electromagnetic Techniques
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 201-212. [Abstract] [PDF]
W. L. German and D. A. Harding
The Adsorption of Aliphatic Alcohols by Montmorillonite and Kaolinite
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 213-227. [Abstract] [PDF]
A. R. Fraser and J. D. Russell
A Spectrophotometric Method for Determination of Cation-Exchange Capacity of Clay Minerals
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 229-230. [Abstract] [PDF]
R. Vanderstukken and P. Robijn
The Generator Bricks of a Glass Furnace Studied by Infrared Spectroscopy
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 231-233. [Abstract] [PDF]
E. G. Kukovsky
Alteration Processes in Clay Minerals
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 234-237. [Abstract] [PDF]
Book Review
B. W. Bache
An Introduction to the Physical Basis of Soil Water Phenomena
Clay Minerals 1969 8 : 239-240. [Abstract] [PDF]