1969 July December
1970 July December

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Contents: December 1970, Volume 8, Issue 4

A. C. D. Newman
The Synergetic Effect of Hydrogen Ions on the Cation Exchange of Potassium in Micas
Clay Minerals 1970 8 : 361-373. [Abstract] [PDF]
Paul G. Rouxhet
Hydroxyl Stretching Bands in Micas: A Quantitative Interpretation
Clay Minerals 1970 8 : 375-388. [Abstract] [PDF]
B. S. Neumann and K. G. Sansom
The Formation of Stable Sols from Laponite, A Synthetic Hectorite-Like Clay
Clay Minerals 1970 8 : 389-404. [Abstract] [PDF]
R. Greene-Kelly
Optical Properties of Organic Complexes of Montmorillonite
Clay Minerals 1970 8 : 405-419. [Abstract] [PDF]
S. Olejnik, A. M. Posner and J. P. Quirk
The Intercalation of Polar Organic Compounds into Kaolinite
Clay Minerals 1970 8 : 421-434. [Abstract] [PDF]
M. J. Wilson and V. C. Farmer
A Study of Weathering in a Soil Derived from a Biotite-Hornblende Rock
Clay Minerals 1970 8 : 435-444. [Abstract] [PDF]
J. I. Bidwell, W. B. Jepson and G. L. Toms
The Interaction of Kaolinite with Polyphosphate and Polyacrylate in Aqueous Solutions—Some Preliminary Results
Clay Minerals 1970 8 : 445-459. [Abstract] [PDF]
C. E. Davis, B. E. Thompson, W. A. Taylor and D. A. Holdridge
Dickite from Job's Hill St Mary, Jamaica
Clay Minerals 1970 8 : 461-469. [Abstract] [PDF]
R. W. Tank and L. McNeely
Clay Minerals Associated with the Precambrian Gowganda Formation of Ontario
Clay Minerals 1970 8 : 471-477. [Abstract] [PDF]
D. Dollimore, G. R Heal and T. A. Horridge
The Differential Thermal Analysis of Flocculated Clay Samples
Clay Minerals 1970 8 : 479-486. [Abstract] [PDF]
K. Wada, N. Yoshinaga, H. Yotsumoto, K. Ibe and S. Aida
High Resolution Electron Micrographs of Imogolite
Clay Minerals 1970 8 : 487-489. [Abstract] [PDF]
J. Quakernaat
A New Occurrence of a Macrocrystalline Form of Saponite
Clay Minerals 1970 8 : 491-493. [Abstract] [PDF]