Etude En Microscopie Electronique A Balayage De Quelques Kaolins D'Origines Differentes: Apports De Cette Technique Pour La Comprehension De Leurs Geneses

J. Esteoule-Choux
Laboratoire de Géologie G 4, Avenue du Général Leclerc, Campus de Beaulieu, Université de Rennes, 35042 Rennes Cédex, France

Abstract: Study of the textures of kaolins by SEM provides information on their genesis. Kaolins produced by weathering have a coarse texture consisting of loosely packed books, and show high porosities, while kaolins formed in a hydrothermal environment are composed of small, tightly packed flakes and have low porosities. Sedimentary kaolins show overlapping plates when viewed on cleavage faces or a swirl pattern of coalesced flakes when viewed edge-on.

Clay Minerals; September 1981 v. 16; no. 3; p. 279-288; DOI: 10.1180/claymin.1981.016.3.05
© 1981, The Mineralogical Society
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