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Contents: December 1927, Volume 21, Issue 119

L. J. Spencer
Specific Gravities of Minerals: An Index of Some Recent Determinations
Mineralogical Magazine 1927 21 : 337-365. [Abstract] [PDF]
Julien Drugman
On β-Quartz Twins from Some Cornish Localities
Mineralogical Magazine 1927 21 : 366-382. [Abstract] [PDF]
Arthur Russell
Notice of an Occurrence of Niccolite and Ullmannite at the Settlingstones Mine, Fourstones, Northumberland; and of Serpierite at Ross Island Mine, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland
Mineralogical Magazine 1927 21 : 383-387. [Abstract] [PDF]
L. J. Spencer
South African Occurrences of Willemite. Fluorescence of Willemite and Some Other Zinc Minerals in Ultra-Violet Rays
Mineralogical Magazine 1927 21 : 388-396. [Abstract] [PDF]