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Contents: September 1928, Volume 21, Issue 122

Arthur Holmes and H. F. Harwood
The Age and Composition of the Whin Sill and the Related Dikes of the North of England
Mineralogical Magazine 1928 21 : 493-542. [Abstract] [PDF]
W. Campbell Smith
The Optical Orientation of Labradorite from County Down (Ireland) Determined by the Fedorov Method
Mineralogical Magazine 1928 21 : 543-551. [Abstract] [PDF]
Harvey Collingridge
On the Determination of the Optic Axial Angle and Crystal-Forms from Observations by the Becke Method in Thin Sections
Mineralogical Magazine 1928 21 : 552-555. [Abstract] [PDF]
L. J. Spencer
Eleventh List of New Mineral Names
Mineralogical Magazine 1928 21 : 556-582. [Abstract] [PDF]