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Contents: June 1997, Volume 61, Issue 406

R. J. Preston and B. R. Bell
Cognate Gabbroic Xenoliths from a Tholeiitic Subvolcanic Sill Complex: Implications for Fractional Crystallization and Crustal Contamination Processes
Mineralogical Magazine 1997 61 : 329-349. [Abstract] [PDF]
J. Gittins and R. E. Harmer
Dawson's Oldoinyo Lengai Calciocarbonatite: A Magmatic Sövite or an Extremely Altered Natrocarbonatite?
Mineralogical Magazine 1997 61 : 351-355. [Abstract] [PDF]
A. Murciego, A. Garcia Sanchez, Y. Dusausoy, J. M. Martin Pozas and R. Ruck
Geochemistry and EPR of Cassiterites from the Iberian Hercynian Massif
Mineralogical Magazine 1997 61 : 357-365. [Abstract] [PDF]
I. C. Lyon, H. Tamana, D. J. Vaughan, A. J. Criddle, J. M. Saxton and P. van Lierde
Techniques and Methodology Used in a Mineralogical and Osmium Isotope Study of Platinum Group Minerals from Alluvial Deposits in Colombia, California, Oregon and Alaska
Mineralogical Magazine 1997 61 : 367-375. [Abstract] [PDF]
Ivan K. Bonev and Clive M. Rice
Single Crystal Galena Pillars as Highly Anisometric Dissolution Forms
Mineralogical Magazine 1997 61 : 377-386. [Abstract] [PDF]
Nigel J. Cook
Bismuth and Bismuth—Antimony Sulphosalts from Neogene Vein Mineralisation, Baia Borşa Area, Maramureş, Romania
Mineralogical Magazine 1997 61 : 387-409. [Abstract] [PDF]
Giorgio Menegazzo, Susanna Carbonin and Antonio Della Giusta
Cation and Vacancy Distribution in an Artificially Oxidized Natural Spinel
Mineralogical Magazine 1997 61 : 411-421. [Abstract] [PDF]
Gabriella Salviulo, Luciano Secco, Paolo Antonini and Enzo Michele Piccirillo
C2/c Pyroxene from Two Alkaline Sodic Suites (Western Ross Embayment — Antarctica): Crystal Chemical Characterization and Its Petrologic Significance
Mineralogical Magazine 1997 61 : 423-439. [Abstract] [PDF]
Crystal Structure
G. L. Starova, S. V. Krivovichev, V. S. Fundamensky and S. K. Filatov
The Crystal Structure of Averievite, Cu5O2(VO4)2·nMX: Comparison with Related Compounds
Mineralogical Magazine 1997 61 : 441-446. [Abstract] [PDF]
M. F. Brigatti, E. Galli and L. Medici
Ba-rich Celestine: New Data and Crystal Structure Refinement
Mineralogical Magazine 1997 61 : 447-451. [Abstract] [PDF]
David C. Palmer
Digital Analysis of X-ray Films
Mineralogical Magazine 1997 61 : 453-461. [Abstract] [PDF]
1996 Mineralogical Society — Schlumberger Award
Mineralogical Magazine 1997 61 : 463-465. [Abstract] [PDF]