Sulpharsenites of Lead from the Binnenthal1. Part III.—Baumhauerite, a New Mineral; and Dufrenoysite

R. H. Solly and H. Jackson
1Part I.—General Description and Chemical Analyses, with a Crystallographic account of Jordanite. This Magazine, 1900, vol. xii, pp. 282–97. Part II.—Rathite. This Magazine, 1901, vol. xiii, pp. 77–85. These two parts have been published together in Zeits. Kryst. Min., 1901, vol. xxxv, pp. 321–44.

Mineralogical Magazine; May 1902 v. 13; no. 60; p. 151-171; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1902.13.60.04
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