Kingite, a New Hydrated Aluminium Phosphate Mineral from Robertstown, South Australia

K. Norrish, Lillian E. R. Rogers and R. E. Shapter
Division of Soils, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Adelaide, South Australia

Summary: A new hydrated aluminium phosphate mineral, kingite, from phosphate workings near Robertstown, South Australia, has an idealized formula Al2O3.Al(OH)3.P2O5.9H2O, with some replacement of OH by F. The specific gravity is 2·2 to 2·3, refractive index 1·514, and percentage chemical composition Al2O3 31·92, P2O5 28·63, H2O 37·93. The three strongest lines on the X-ray diffraction pattern are 9·1, 3·45, and 3·48 Å. Kingite changes to a less hydrated phase between 154° C. and 163° C., which is also considered to be a new aluminium phosphate (meta-kingite) with idealized formula Al2O3.Al(OH)3.P2O5.4H2O. The strongest lines of its X-ray diffraction pattern are at 7·4, 5·02, and 37·19 Å.

Mineralogical Magazine; March 1957 v. 31; no. 236; p. 351-357; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1957.031.236.01
© 1957, The Mineralogical Society
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