Accurate Determination of the Cell Dimensions of Magnetite

E. Z. Basta
Department of Geology, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt

Summary: An analysed magnetite from Bisperg, Säter, Dalecarlia, Sweden, gave the formula Fe1·0242+Mg0·0102+Fe1·9843+O4·000, which corresponds closely to the ideal composition. A precise determination of the cell dimensions gave a 8·3963±0·0005 Å. at 18° C. Gentle heating of the powdered magnetite in evacuated silica glass tubes, before X-ray examination, resulted in sharply defined lines with high Bragg angles; an improvement which enabled precision data to be obtained. Four other new analyses of magnetites are also given and their lattice parameters are determined in the same way and are found to range from 8·3960 Å. to 8·3970 Å. The Bisperg magnetite being the purest sample examined, the value of its cell edge is taken as representative of pure magnetite.

The effect of the different ionic substitutions on the cell dimensions of natural magnetites is discussed. An attempt is also made to explain the great variations among the published values of cell dimensions of artificial preparations; one main reason being the presence of defect structures with varying oxygen contents in excess of the formula requirements.

Mineralogical Magazine; June 1957 v. 31; no. 237; p. 431-442; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1957.031.237.02
© 1957, The Mineralogical Society
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