The Formation of Supergene Galena at Broken Hill, Northern Rhodesia

J. H. Taylor
Dept. of Geology, University of London, King's College.

Summary: Lead-zinc ore-bodies in dolomite at Broken Hill, Northern Rhodesia, consist of a sulphide core surrounded by an oxidized sheath. Oxidation has been proved to persist to a depth of at least 1150 ft. below surface. In the transitional zone between sulphide and oxidized ore galena forms a thin rim to relict masses of blende, and farther into the sulphide core it penetrates the blende along cracks and cleavages. Locally it comprises over 5 % of the ore. From its relations to smithsonite and willemite it is clearly supergene in origin and must have been deposited above the water table. This considerable migration of lead in the zone of weathering is believed to have occurred during a former period of aridity.

Mineralogical Magazine; September 1958 v. 31; no. 242; p. 908-913; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1958.031.242.03
© 1958, The Mineralogical Society
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