The Morphology of the Baryte Group1

A. F. Seager
Department of Geology, Birkbeck College, University of London.
1‘The morphology of baryte’ forms part of a thesis approved for the degree of Ph.D. by the University of London, 1953.

Summary: The observed order of importance of the forms of baryte, anglesite, and celestine is first determined by a modification of the methods used by Donnay and Harker. Their hypothesis is applied to determine the space-groups of these minerals by morphological means, and a comparison is made of the observed and theoretical orders of importance of forms in these minerals. It is concluded that agreement is poor between the observed and predicted frequencies of forms in the baryte group. The rank distribution of some of the more important forms is presented graphically.

Mineralogical Magazine; March 1959 v. 32; no. 244; p. 63-86; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1959.032.244.08
© 1959, The Mineralogical Society
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