A Mineralogical Application of X-ray Absorption Microspectroscopy: The Hydration of Larnite

J. V. P. Long and J. D. C. McConnell
Cavendish Laboratory
Dept. of Mineralogy and Petrology University of Cambridge

Summary: The technique of X-ray absorption microspectroscopy is described, with particular reference to the determination of calcium in a hydrogel formed in minute amounts in cavities in larnite. The method, which is applicable to other elements, enables chemical data to be obtained from selected small areas in a normal petrological thin section.

Mineralogical Magazine; July 1959 v. 32; no. 245; p. 117-127; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1959.32.245.04
© 1959, The Mineralogical Society
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