The Feldspar Phenocrysts of Some Tertiary Acid Glasses

I. S. E. Carmichael
Dept. of Geology, Imperial College of Science, London S.W. 7

Summary: The feldspar phenocrysts of some British and Icelandic Tertiary acid glasses have been studied optically and chemically. Six new analyses of the feldspar phenocrysts are presented together with an anorthoclase from a glassy pantellerite. The analysed feldspars and all the other feldspar phenocrysts that have been examined show high-temperature optics, and confirm the results of previous investigations of plagioclase feldspar determinative curves. The relationship of the feldspar phenoerysts to the plagioclase components in the analysed residual glasses conforms to the synthetic plagioelase system, and the crystallization of feldspar in natural acid melts is considered.

Mineralogical Magazine; December 1960 v. 32; no. 251; p. 587-608; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1960.032.251.01
© 1960, The Mineralogical Society
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