A Study of Uvarovite

T. Isaacs
Geology Department, University of Sheffield1
1Present address: Dept. of Geology, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, U.S.A.

Summary: Uvarovite and its relationships with grossular and andradite have been studied in order to understand better the geochemistry of uvarovite. Syn-these have been carried out under both dry and hydrothermal conditions; a solid solution with grossular was obtained under both conditions, but with andradite only under hydrothermal conditions. The results are discussed in relation to the chemistry of uvarovite.

Mineralogical Magazine; March 1965 v. 35; no. 269; p. 38-45; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1965.035.269.06
© 1965, The Mineralogical Society
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