On the Existence of Hydronium Hydrates H9O4+ and H15O7+ in Minerals

Jan Kubisz
Dept. of Mineralogy and Petrology, Academy of Mining and Metallurgy, Cracow, Poland

Summary: Properties and possible structures of hydronium trihydrate H9O4+ and hexahydrate H15O7+ are considered. From the 2330 minerals listed in Strunz's mineralogical tables nineteen were selected that appear to contain H+.4H2O or H+.7H2O, and the possibility of discrete H9O4+ or H15O7+ groupings existing in their crystal lattice is discussed. From a crystallochemical point of view the most probable examples of hydronium hydrate compounds are layer lattice minerals like H-montmorillonite, H-vermiculite, troegerite, H-meta-autunite, sabugalite, and hewettite.

Mineralogical Magazine; December 1966 v. 36; no. 276; p. 1071-1079; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1966.036.276.03
© 1966, The Mineralogical Society
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