The Mineralogical Composition and Structure of the Assisi Meteorite

G. R. Levi-Donati
Istituto di Mineralogia, Facoltà di Scienze, Università di Perugia, Italy

Summary: The principal data about the fall and the distribution of the fragments of the Assisi (Perugia, Italy) meteorite are collected. A fragment of the stone, weighing 146·5 g, preserved in the British Museum (Natural History) (B.M. 63621), is described in some detail. Crust morphology, mineralogical composition, and structure are studied. Optical data are established by microscopical analysis of five thin sections and two polished surfaces. Compared with electron-probe analysis, they are found in good agreement. Assisi is an olivine-bronzite chondrite, H group, with characteristic features of metamorphism.

Mineralogical Magazine; December 1967 v. 36; no. 280; p. 595-606; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1967.036.280.13
© 1967, The Mineralogical Society
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