Embreyite, a New Mineral from Berezov, Siberia

S. A. Williams1
British Museum (Natural History), Cromwell Road, London S.W. 7
1Permanent address: Phelps Dodge Corpn., Douglas, Arizona 856o7.

Summary: Embreyite is a new mineral that has been found only in old specimens collected at Berezov, Siberia. The composition is Pb4·97(CrO4)2·00(PO4)1·91.0·75H2O, or Pb5(CrO4)2(PO4)2. H2O based on both wet and electron-probe analyses. Z = I, Dmeas 6·45, Deale 6·41. Crystals are monoclinic with a 9·755 Å, b 5·636, c 7·135, β 103°5′ the space group may be P21/m. No single crystals were found. α = 2·20, β = γ = 2·36. Colour in various shades of orange with a yellow streak. H = 3½; no cleavages observed. Occurs with vauquelinite, crocoite, and phoenicochroite in the oxide zone assemblage from Berezov.

Mineralogical Magazine; September 1972 v. 38; no. 299; p. 790-793; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1972.038.299.02
© 1972, The Mineralogical Society
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