Peraluminous Sapphirine as a Metastable Reaction Product In Kyanite-Gedrite-Talc Schist from Sar E Sang, Afghanistan

Werner Schreyer and Kurt Abraham
Institut für Mineralogie, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany

Summary: Minute crystals of pure Mg-sapphirine approximating (Mg3·23Al4·74)vi(Al4·69Si1·31)viO20, and thus having more aluminous compositions than the hitherto accepted 7:9:3 end member, were formed together with Mg-cordierite and corundum along narrow zones of the schist through reaction of the pre-existing high-pressure assemblages kyanite-gedrite and kyanite-talc. These sapphirines are considered to be metastable intermediate products growing under the influence of the structurally similar host mineral kyanite. Under equilibrium conditions they continued to react with kyanite to form the stable assemblage cordierite-corundum. Peraluminous sapphirines including those most recently synthesized may be metastable phases under all conditions of crystallization.

Clay Minerals; June 1975 v. 40; no. 310; p. 171-180; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1975.040.310.06
© 1975, The Mineralogical Society
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