Creaseyite, Cu2Pb2(Fe,Al)2Si5O17·6H2O a New Mineral from Arizona and Sonora

Sidney A. Williams and Richard A. Bideaux
Phelps Dodge Corporation, Douglas, Arizona
Computing Associates, Tucson, Arizona

Summary: Creaseyite was first noted in specimens from Tiger, Arizona, and was then found at Wickenburg, Arizona, and Caborca, Sonora, prior to description. It is an oxidezone mineral occurring with wulfenite, willemite, mimetite, chrysocolla, wickenburgite, and ajoite. The composition is [Cu2Pb2(Fe,Al)2Si5O17·6H2O]. Colour Agathia green (R.H.S. 142b) with pale streak, H = 2½, Dmeas = 4·1, calc. 4·01. Crystals are orthorhombic with a 12·483, b 21·395, c 7·283. Z = 4. 2Vγ 69° meas; α 1·737, β 1·747, γ 1·768.

Mineralogical Magazine; September 1975 v. 40; no. 311; p. 227-231; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1975.040.311.02
© 1975, The Mineralogical Society
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