Native Nickel from the Jerry River, South Westland, New Zealand: An Example of Natural Refining

G. A. Challis
New Zealand Geological Survey, P.O. Box 30368, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Summary: Native nickel of composition Ni 96·3 %, Fe 1·77 %, and Co 0·69 % was found as tiny flakes up to 0·75 mm across in a heavy mineral concentrate from stream sediments in the Jerry River, South Westland, New Zealand. The locality is approximately 13 km downstream from the original locality for awaruite (Ni2Fe), and it is shown that the nickel content of detrital grains increases with distance from the source of the awaruite in serpentinites of the Red Hills Range. It is proposed that the native nickel has been derived from awaruite by leaching of iron.

Mineralogical Magazine; September 1975 v. 40; no. 311; p. 247-251; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1975.040.311.05
© 1975, The Mineralogical Society
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