A Metallographic and Petrological Study of Metal-Silicate Fragments in the > 1 mm Size Range from Lunar Soil 14162,80

S. O. Agrell1, H. J. Axon2 and J. I. Goldstein3
1 University of Cambridge
2 University of Manchester
3 Lehigh University, Pennsylvania 18015

Summary: Optical and microprobe investigations have been made on the metal and silicate portions of four particles > I-mm extracted from the magnetic fraction of lunar soil bulk sanaple 14162,80. Three of the particles have structures and compositions similar to those encountered in the < I-mm fraction of this bulk sample. One of the particles shows a complex arrangement of melted metal, unmelted metal, micronorite, and vitroclastic silicate material. The structure of this particle is reported in detail and its structure is explained in terms of preferential melting of metal-phosphide interfaces under the influence of shock events operating on material at a temperature of about 650°C.

Mineralogical Magazine; June 1976 v. 40; no. 314; p. 565-577; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1976.040.314.03
© 1976, The Mineralogical Society
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