Garnet Zoning and Re-Equilibration in the Strontian Area, Scotland

I. M. Tyler and J. R. Ashworth
Department of Geological Sciences, University of Aston in Birmingham, Gosta Green, Birmingham, B4 7ET

Abstract: In Moinian metasediments regionally metamorphosed to sillimanite grade, garnet has subsequently been re-equilibrated in the inner (cordierite-potash feldspar) zone of the aureole of the Strontian Granodiorite. Zoning profiles of garnet from the aureole, and from surrounding regional assemblages, show retrograde Mnrich rims. Some regional garnets are also internally zoned. In the aureole as a whole, the partition measure for Fe and Mg between garnet and biotite shows a correlation with that for Ca between garnet and plagioclase. If interpreted in terms of a simple equilibrium model, this might suggest that pressure decreased with increasing temperature towards the granodiorite, but the trend can more plausibly be attributed to deviation from ideal solid-solution behaviour of Ca in garnet and plagioclase, with incomplete homogenization of garnet as a complicating factor in the outer parts of the aureole. From the difference in the temperature thresholds for garnet core equilibration, the timescale t2 of the thermal event relative to the regional t1 is estimated as t2/t1 ≅ 10−1.1±0.7, consistent with emplacement of the intrusion at an early stage of regional cooling.

Mineralogical Magazine; September 1981 v. 44; no. 335; p. 293-300; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1981.044.335.09
© 1981, The Mineralogical Society
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